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2 + 2 Magnetic Rod Rack, MRT2+2-FP-BRC

2051 Alec Jackson Black Spey Hook, Size 3

3/0 Waxed Monocord Thread, Black

4 inch all purpose Scissor by Dr. Slick

4 inch Ceramic Bobbin by Dr. Slick

Ahrex NS110 Nordic Salt Streamer Hook

Airflo Custom Cut Tips

Airflo Skagit Compact

Airflo Skagit Compact Intermediate

Amphibian Softshell Jacket

Amphibian Softshell Jacket, Large

Anglers Release Mitt

Aquaflies Round Eye Shanks, 33mm

Aquaz Dryzip Chest Wader

Arctic Fox Hair: Body Fur by Hareline

B.W. Steelie Bug

Banger Steelie Black Fly

Bantam, Green Butt

Barbell Egg Sucking Leech, Black

Barred Ostrich

Barred Ostrich Plume Piece

Behemoth Reel, 10/11

Behemoth Reel, 9/10

Big Moal Baitfish, Black/Chartreuse

Big Moal Baitfish, Black/Red

Big Moal Baitfish, White/Chartreuse

Big Perch Olive/Yellow Intruder Baitfish

Big Red/Yellow Intruder Baitfish

BigMoal MT Leech

Black and Blue Tube Fly with Trailing Ostrich Plume

Black and Orange Intruder Tube

Black Egg Sucking Stone Fly

Black Magic Muddler

Black Pheasant Spider Spey

Black Spey

Black UV Nymph Leech Steelhead, Brown Tail

Black UV Nymph Leech Steelhead, Red Tail

Black/Purple Moal Supreme

Blue Charm Fly

Blue Flash with Chartreuse Butt Moal

BlueSky Heavy Furled Tapered Leader

BlueSky Medium Furled Tapered Leader

Bobbin Thread Keepers, Large

BoilerMaker Grillos

Brass Eyes, Large

Brass Monkey Intruder, Orange

Brass Monkey Intruder, Purple

Brett's Klamath Intruders, Pink/Pink

Brite Beads, 1/4 in

Bulkley Skating Tube Mouse, Green Butt - Medium

Bungee Coil Cord Lanyard

Cactus Chenille Large

Cerise and Pink Moal Leech

Chartreuse Tiger Truder

Chartreuse, Chartreuse Flash Moal Leech

Chrome Roper Black Nymph

Cliff's Bugger Barn - Fly Box

Clip-On Ripple Foam Fly Patch w/ Velcro

Cocoons Aviator Sunglasses, Black Amber

Comet - Hot Shots, Pink

Commando Tips

Complete GP Tippet

Complete Premium Cross Cut Rabbit Hide by Hareline, Black

Complete Premium Cross Cut Rabbit Hide by Hareline, White

Complete Premium Cross Cut Rabbit Hide by Hareline, White

Cone Head Beads, Nickle, 1/4''

Conehead Marabou Zuddler

Coneheads for Tubes by HMH

Copper Flash Moal Leech

Countersunk Tungsten Beads, 7/32

Cowlitz Dancer Steelhead Fly

Cowlitz Steelhead Fly

Cowlitz Sunset

Crandall;s Steelhead Nightmare

Cranky Kit by Rio

Crazy Legs

Cream Colored Moal Leech


Cross-Eyed Cones

Cross-Eyed Cones, Black Nickel, 7/16 inch, Large Size

Crosscut Rabbit 1/8 inch Strip Pink - Spirit River

Crosscut Rabbit 1/8 inch Strip, Royal Blue - Spirit River

Crosscut Rabbit Strips, 1/8 in Packaged

Crystal Caddis

Crystal Caddis Purple

Custom Black and Blue Moal Leech

Custom Black and Pink Barred Moal Leech

Custom Black Moal Leech with White Cone and UV Flash

Custom Black Moal with Orange Cone

Custom Black with Chartreuse Butt Moal

Custom Black with two toned Purple/Baby Blue Moal Leech

Custom Blue Flash Moal Leech

Custom Chartreuse Flash Moal Leech

Custom Dual Density Sink Tips

Custom Grizzly Moal Leech

Custom Mega Moal Leech

Custom Pink Flash Moal Leech

Custom Purple Flash Moal Leech

Custom Red Flash Moal Leech

Custom Sink Tips

Custom Two Blues/Black Moal Leech

Custom Two Toned Black/Pink Moal Leech

Custom Two Toned Chartreuse/Black Moal Leech

Custom Two Toned Orange/Black Moal Leech

Custom Two Toned Peach/Orange Moal Leech

Custom Two Toned Purple/Baby Blue Moal Leech

Custom Two Toned Purple/Pink Moal Leech

Custom Two Toned Red/Black Moal Leech

Daiichi 2370 10 PER PACK SIZE 2

Daiichi 2546 Salt Water Hook Size 2

Daiichi Intruder Hook, Black, Size 2, D2557

Daiichi Intruder Hook, D2553, Red

Daiichi Intruder Hook, D2557

Dancing Legs, Black Beetle, Medium

Dave's Improved Methow Moal

Deschutes Summer Blue Special Fly

Dolly Trauma Sculpin Fly

Dos Moal Leech, Black and Chartruese

Dos Moal Leech, Blue/White

Dos Moal Leech, Purple/Pink

Double Egg MOAL Rhoid, Black

Double Hand Spey Casting Lesson

Double Pupil Lead Eyes

Double Vacuum Rod Rack, VRT-FP

Double Vacuum Rod Rack, VRT-FP

Dr Slick 2.25 Stainless Steel Duplex Rubber Jaw Hackle Plier

Dr Slick Barb Plier

Dr Slick Razor Scissors, 4"

Dr. Slick 4" Hook File

Dr. Slick Clip-on Reel w/ Nylon Cord

Dr. Slick Clip-on Reel with Nipper w/ Pin

Dr. Slick ECO Black Nippers with cleanout pin

Dr. Slick Nipper w/ Pin, File & Offset Cutter

Dubbing Brush Wire

Dyed Complete GP Tippet

Dyed Golden Pheasant Crest, Red

Dyed Pearl Diamond Braid by Hareline

ECHO 3 Two Hand Spey Fly Rod

ECHO 3 Two Hand Spey Fly Rod, E3-8134, Used

Echo Ion Reel

Echo TR Two Handed Spey Rod

Echo TR Two Handed Spey Rod, Seven Weight, 13 ft

Egg Beads, Red/Orange

Egg Dropping Fish Taco

Egg Dropping Methow Marabou Leech

Egg Dropping Methow Rhea Taco, Mini

Egg Sucking Leech - Black/Orange

Egg Sucking Leech - Purple/Orange

Electric Ripple Ice Fiber

EP Anadromus Brush

EP Foxy Brush, Kingfisher Blue

EP Senyo's Chromatic Brush

EP Sommerlatte's Grizzly Foxy Brush 3 Wide

EP Wooly Critter Brush

Evo Bunny, Black/Purple

Evo Bunny, Black/Purple/Red

Evo Bunny, Black/Purple/Red - Chartreuse Butt

Evo Bunny, Methow

EVO Fireball Bug

EVO Fireball Bug with Eyes

EVO Mini

Extra Select Strung Marabou

Eyed Cone Head Adjunct

Fall Caddis Leech


Fighting Gravity, Black

Fighting Gravity, October Caddis

Find Your Water Tee Shirt

Fine Grizzly Barred Legs

Fish Handling Mitt

Fish Magnet Fall Flies

Fish Magnet Single Shank Winter Flies

Fish Magnet Summer Series, Klickitat Sunrise

Fish Magnet Summer Series, Purple

Fish Net Hand Tailing Glove

Fish Scull Heads

Fish Skull Articulated Shank

Fish Skull Sculpin Helmets, Olive Large

Fish Skull Stainless Steel Articulated Shank

Fish Taco Primo Supreme, Blue and Black Tipped

Fish Taco Supreme, Black and Blue

Fish Taco Supreme, Black with Red/Purple Flash

Fish Taco Supreme, Blue and Black Tipped

Fish Taco Supreme, Blue Barred

Fish Taco Supreme, Chartreuse

Fish Taco Supreme, Orange and Black

Fish Taco Supreme, Orange Barred and Black

Fish Taco Supreme, Pink and Black Barred

Fish Taco Supreme, Purple

Fish Taco Supreme, Purple Barred and Black

Fish Taco Supreme, Red

Fish Taco Supreme, Red Barred and Black

Fish Taco Supreme, Sand Shrimp

Fish Taco, Fly

Fish Taco, Pink

Fish Taco, Purple

Fish Tailing Mitt

Flash Fish Taco


Flashback Bug Medium # 4

Flashback Bug Small # 8

Flashfly Purple

Flo Tips

Fluoroflex Saltwater Tippet, 12LB

Fly Box - Medium Double Sided w/ Slit Foam

Fly Casting Video Lesson

Fly Line Backing - Dacron, 30lb


Freight Train

Frog Hair Fluorocarbon, 11.5 lb test

GF Rabbit Sculpin

GF Sculpin

Gift Certificate

Glow-in-the Dark Mylar Motion

Goat Head Sole Spikes

Gold Brass Cone Heads, 1/4 inch

Golden Pheasant Crest

Grabflies Logo Ball Cap

GrabFlies T-Line, Shooting/Running Line

Great Lakes Spider Leech

Great Lakes Steelhead Truder

Great Lakes Winter Steelhead Moal Fly Collection

Green Ant

Green Butt Hilton, size 4

Green Butt Purple Skunk Fly

Green Butt Skunk

Green Butted Black Hilton Spey

Green Butted Purple Hilton

Green Butted Skunk Moal Leech - Custom

Green Butted Spey Skunk

Greg's Kriller, Blue

Greg's Kriller, Red

Griffin Bobbin Threader Set

Grizzly Barred Flashabou

Grizzly Barred Legs Medium

Grizzly Fibre


Guinea Hackle

Guinea Hackle

Half Grizzly Saddle

Half Magnetic and Half Vacuum Rod Rack, MVRT-FP-BRC

Hard Mono Saltwater 12LB 30yd

Hareball, Purple and Pink

Hareline 1/8" Crosscut Frostip Rabbit Strips

Hareline Deer Belly Hair Dyed Over White

Hareline Silicone Bead Pad

Hartwick's Brown/Orange Hilton

Hartwick's Cyclops Leech, Chartreuse/Silver

Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Black/Blue

Hartwick's Flashtail Tube, Fuschia/Shell Pink

Hartwick's Hoser Tube, Black/Blue

Hartwick's Hoser Tube, Pink/Purple

Hartwick's Marabou Tube, Hot Pink/Shrimp

Hartwick's Purple Hilton

Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Black

Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Blue

Hartwick's Tungsten Cyclops Leech, Pink

Hickman's Chrome Magnet Pink

HMH Spartan Vise

HoBo Spey

Holographic Flashabou

Hot Beads, Chartreuse

Hot Beads, Hot Orange

Hot Beads, Hot Pink

Hot Beads, Metallic Purple

Hot Beads, Metallic Red

Hot Beads, Salmon Pink

I-Balz Sculpin

Ice Dub

Imitation Jungle Cock Eyes

Improved Methow Moal

Improved Summer Methow Moal

Infinitii 10 Foot Tip with Swivel

Infinitii 10 foot Two Density Tip with Swivel

Infinitii 12 and 24 inch Tip Swivel

Infinitii Fly Line Tip Swivel

Infinitii Quick Change Tip Adapter Connector

Infinitii Quick Change Tip Connector

Infinitii Quick Change Tip Only

Infinitii Quick Change Tip System

Infinitii Quick Fly Change

Intruder Feather Prop Hackle

Joe Gert, Purple

Junction Tubing


Kalama River Dynamite

Kenai Candy

King Intruder Leech, Blue

King Intruder Leech, Chartreuse

King Intruder Leech, Pink

King Intruder Leech, Pink with Blue

King Intruder Leech, Red

King Moal Leech, Chartreuse/White

King RR Leech

King Salmon Leech, Black with Chartreuse Head

King Salmon Leech, Chartreuse

King Salmon Leech, Fluorescent Pink

King Salmon Leech, Two Toned Chartreuse/Black

Klickitat Moal Supreme

Klickitat Skagit Leech

Klickitat Summer Chartreuse Peekaboo

Krystal Flash

Lady Amherst Center tail

Lady Amherst Complete Heads, Hot Orange

Lady Amherst Complete Heads, Hot Pink

Lady Amherst Complete Heads, Kingfisher Blue

Lateral Scale Flash

Lawson/Grabflies Fly Box

Lawson/Grabflies Fly Box with Tubes

Light Blue Moal Leech with Flor. Orange Bead

Light Blue/Chartreuse Flash Butt Moal Leech with Flor. Orange Bead

LIQUID 4 Fly Fishing Reel

Loctite 1365882 20-Gram Bottle Liquid Professional Super Glue

Loop Evotec, Evo 8136 4 piece, Fast Action Spey Fly Rod

MagEyes Plus - Magnifier Glasses

Magnum Rabbit Strips, 1/4 inch

Malla Rosa Spey

Marabou Leech

Marabou Leech, All Black

Marabou Leech, Black/Chartreuse

Marabou Leech, Black/Fuchsia Barred - Black

Marabou Leech, Black/Pink

Marabou Leech, Black/Purple

Marabou Leech, Black/Steelhead Blue

Marabou Leech, Black/Steelhead Blue/Blue

Marabou Leech, Green Butted Skunk Colors

Marabou Leech, Orange/Red Barred - Black/Orange

Marabou Leech, Pink/Purple - Black/Purple

Marabou Purple/Pink Tube Fly

Marabou Strung Blood Quills

Marabou Tube Fly, Black/Blue by Rio

Marabou Tube Fly, Pink by Rio

Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set

Max Canyon

Mega Strong Fluorocarbon Tippet, 12 lb by OPST

Methow Moal

Methow Moal Supreme

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers

Micro Rabbit Strips by Hareline

Mini Grupper White Skater

Mini Rhea Taco

Mini-Intruder, Blue/Black

Mini-Intruder, Golden Orange

Mirage Flashabou

Mist Jackal Tube Fly, Black

Mist Jackal Tube Fly, Blue

Mist Jackal Tube Fly, Purple

Moal Leech

Moal Leech, Black with Pink Cone

Moal Leech, Red/Orange

Moal Rhoid Flesh Pink

MOAL Rhoid, Black

Morning Thunder

Morrish Trailer Trash, Night Shade

Muddler Minnow, Gold, size 4

Muddler Moal Leeches

Mykiss Muddler

Neo Classic Methow

Neo Classic, Black/Purple/Chartreuse

Neo Classic, Black/Purple/Red

Neo Skagit Leech Methow CW

Neo Skagit Leech, Klickitat

Neo Skagit Leech, Methow

Neo Skagit Leech, POP

Neo Skagit Leech, Purple/Black/Pink

Neo Skagit Leech, Red/Pink

Neo Skagit Marabou Leech, Special Sauce

Neo Skagit Ostrich Leech, Methow

Noble's After Dinner Mint, Purple/Black

Noble's After Dinner, Mint Green

NorthWestern Intruder, Black/Blue

NorthWestern Intruder, Black/Orange

NorthWestern Intruder, Purple/Pink


Norvise - Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Norvise Bobbin Kit

Norvise Bobbin Spools

October Caddis Moal

October Caddis Muddler

October Caddis Swing Leech

October Dynamite

Olive Barred Moal Leech

Opal Mirage Lateral Scale, 1/69"

OPST Commando Skagit Head

OPST Dotted Ostrich

OPST Intruder shanks, 45mm

OPST Lazar Running Line, 30 lb

OPST Premium Dubbing Spinner

OPST Rainforest Waterproof Waist Pack

OPST Shank Chuck Tool

OPST Steelhead Intruder Shanks

OPST Swing Fly Hook

OPST Wading Staff

Orange October Spey

Orange Pheasant Spey

Orange Zinger Intruder

Ostrich Flash Bucktail

Ostrich Herl, 10-12 inch

Owner SSW Super Needle Point Black Chrome Hook, Size 2

Owner SSW Super Needle Point Black Chrome Hook, Size 4

Owner's SSW Super Needle Point Black Chrome Hook, #2

Perpertrator - Golden Stone Fly

Petitjean Magic Head

Pheasant Bug Natural

Pike Leech, Chartruese

Pike/Muskie Leader W/Tyger Wire Tip

Pink Brite

Pink Flash Moal Leech with Colored Tail

Pink Flash with Chartreuse Butt Moal

Pink Flash with Chartreuse Flash Butt Moal

Pink Moal, Custom

Pink Moal, Dean River Killer

Pink Party Girl

Pink Rabbit and Rhea Spey

Pink with Blue Flash Moal Leech

Pink with Chartreuse Butt Moal

Pink, Pink Flash Moal Leech

Plan D Pocket Articulated fly box

Plan D Pocket Articulated Plus Fly Box

Plan D Pocket Max Articulated Plus Fly Box

Plummeting Tungsten Beads, Metallic Red


Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet, 20 lb

Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet, 30 lb

Prince Bugger Rubber Legs

Princess Nymph, Tungsten Bead

Prismatic Tape Eyes, 3/16 inch

Prom Dress Tube Fly, Blue

Prowler Boot - Felt Sole

Prowler Boot Sticky Rubber

Pseudo Eyes by Hareline

Purple and Black Pheasant Spider Spey

Purple and Orange Flash Moal Leech

Purple and Pink Flash Moal Leech

Purple and Red Flash Muddler

Purple Peril

Purple Spey

Purple Spey with Jungle Cock

Quigley's Dragon Gurgler Brown - Orange

Quigley's Dragon Gurgler Hot Pink

Rabbit and Rhea Spey

Rabbit and Rhea Spey, Black and Pink

Rabbit Skating Popper, Black (Tube Fly)

Rabbit Skating Popper, Chartreuse and Black (Tube Fly)

Rabbit Skating Popper, Cream (Tube Fly)

Rabbit Skating Popper, October (Tube Fly)

Rabbit Skating Popper, Purple (Tube Fly)

Rabbit Strip Diver Black

Rage Compact, 540

Real Eyes Plus

Red Feather Spey

Red King Salmon Flash Moal Leech

Red, Red Flash Moal Leech

Redington Chromer Spey Outfit

Redington Chromer Spey Rod

Redington Delta Fly Reel - 9/10 Reel

Redington I/O Fleece Pants

Redington Skagit Wading Boot, Felt

Redington Skagit Wading Boot, Sticky Rubber

Redington Sonic Pro Wader

Redington Sonic Pro Wader

Redington Sonicdry Pro HDZ Wader

Redington Stratus III Jacket, Large

Redington Wayward Guide Jacket

Reel Scream 2


Remix HD Fly Fishing Reel

Reverse Rubber Leg Bugger

Rhea Feathers

Riffle Rider, Orange

Rio Anti Twist Spey Swivel


Rio ConnectCore SHOOTING LINE .032"

Rio Gel Spun Backing 30lb / 300yd Spool

Rio GripShooter, 35lb

Rio Headcase Inserts

Rio Headcase Shooting Head Wallet

Rio Light Scandi VersiLeader, Floating

Rio Modern Spey Switch Casting DVD

Rio Powerflex Max Shooting Line .030

Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet, 2x, 12lb

Rio Replacement Tip Clear Intermediate, 7wt

Rio Replacement Tip Clear Intermediate, 8wt

RIO Skagit iFlight Shooting Head

RIO Skagit iFlight Shooting Head, 600 grain

Rio Skagit IMOW Tips

RIO Skagit iShort Shooting Head

Rio Skagit Max Shooting Head

Rio Skagit Max Shooting Head - Long

Rio Skagit Max Shooting Head - Short

Rio Skagit Max Shooting Head, Demo Lines, Like New

Rio Skagit MOW Tips


Rise Reel by Redington

Rob Crandalls Guides Choice, Pnk/Org

Rockstar Chartreuse/Black

Royal Coachman Bucktail

Rubber Leg K-Moal

Salmon/Steelhead Glacial Green Tippet, 12 lb

Saltwater Leader/Tippet, Umpqua, 12 lb

Saltwater Neck Hackle

Saltwater Nylon Tippet 50YD 12LB


Scott T3h 1509/4 Double Handed Spey Rod, Used

Sculpin Flies

Sculpin Steelhead Truder

Seal-X Ice Dubbing Pink Annihilator

Seal-X Ice Dubbing Rogue Red

Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire

Senyo's Aqua Scandi, Black

Senyo's Aqua Scandi, Pink

Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Blue/Black

Senyo's Artificial Intelligence, Purple/Black

Senyo's Barred Predator Wrap

Senyo's Fusion Foil Legs

Senyo's GL Predator Scandi, Pink/Purple

Senyo's Muddler Gold

Senyo's Muddler, Black/Purple

Senyo's OCD, Orange

Senyo's OCD, Pink

Senyos Articulated Shank

Sightfree G3 Fluorocarbon Tippet

Sili-Leg Intruders, Pink/Black

Sili-Leg Intruders, Red/Orange

Single Hand Fly Casting Lesson

Skagit Leech

Skagit Leech, Black,Purple,Red

Skagit Methow Leech


Small Hook Holder Tubing

Spear It - NO63 Hook, Size 2

Spear It - SS99, Fly Hook, size 4

Speckled Chenille

Spey - Signal Light

Spey Orange

Spider Leech

Squirrel Tail

Steelhead Bugger

Steelhead Bugger with Rabbit

Steelhead Guinea Spider

Steelhead Marabou Tube Flies

Steelhead Ostrich Muddler

Steelhead Pheasant Bug

Steelhead Skunk Marabou Muddler

Steelhead Skunk Muddler

Steelhead Skunk Rabbit Muddler

Steelhead Stone Fly

Steelhead Woolly Buggers

Stillwater Guide Fly Selection

Stonfo Regular Bobbin

Street Walker, Purple

Strung Out Rocket Man

Stu's Barred Ostrich Intruder, Blue/Black

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Black/Blue

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Black/Chartreuse

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Black/Chartreuse

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Black/Hot Pink

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Chartreuse Tiger

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Pink

Stu's Bunny Hare Leech Tube, Purple

Stu's Chinook Intruders, Black/Chartreuse

Stu's Chinook Intruders, Blue/Chartreuse

Stu's Chinook Intruders, Popsicle

Stu's Chinook Intruders, Red/Orange

Stu's Chinook Intruders, White/Chartreuse

Stu's Griz Turbo Cone, Blue/Black

Stu's Jungle Tail Turbo Cone, Black/Blue

Stu's Jungle Tail Turbo Cone, Pink/Purple

Stu's Metal Head Tube, Black/Blue

Stu's Metal Head Tube, Black/Pink

Stu's Metal Head Tube, Blue

Stu's Metal Head Tube, Olive/Orange

Stu's Metal Head Tube, Purple/Pink

Stu's Ostrich Intruders, Black/Blue

Stu's Ostrich Intruders, Fuchsia/White

Stu's Ostrich Intruders, Metal Detector

Stu's Ostrich Intruders, Orange/Pink

Stu's PrawnTruders, Blue

Stu's PrawnTruders, Pink

Stu's Rhea Intruder, Blue/Purple

Stu's Steelie Piglet, Blue/Blue/Black

Sugar Bunny

Summer Moal Leech

Summer Moal Leech Collection

Summer Purple Flash Moal Leech

Surge Fly Reel, 10/11/12

Surge Fly Reel, 7/8/9

Swamp Rat Zonker Strips

TDF - BH Electric Leech

TDF Bead Head Chartreuse Bug, Nymph

TDF BH Black UV Leech

TDF BH Copper John, Black

TDF BH Stone'd 2 Rubberlegs

TDF BH Vitamin D Fl. Orange Rubber Legs Copper/Orange Nymph

TDF Nymph Girdle Bug, black dubbing body, size 6

The Hoh Magnet

The Hybrid

Thomas and Thomas DH1309-4 Spey Rod, Used

Tip Dyed Ostrich

Tip Mesh Wallet by Rio

Tip Tote

Trout Moal Leech

Trout Spey Soft Hackle

Tube Assortment Large for Tube Flies

Tube Assortment Small for Tube Flies

Tube Cone Head, 7/32" Medium

Tube Grease Liner Orange

Tube Hooks

Tube Ska-Opper Natural White, Medium

Tube Ska-opper wake fly, Natural/Black Back, Small

Tube Tote 2

Tungsten Cones, Large Black

Tungsten Predator Eyes, Red, 3/16 inch

Two Tone Crosscut Rabbit Strips

Two Toned Flash Moal Leech

Two Toned Flash Moal Leech (Purple and Red)

Two Toned Flash Moal Leech, Blue/Chartreuse

Two Toned Flash Moal Leech, Red/Orange

Ultimate Skunk Fly

Ultimate Stainless Steel Tearing Dub Brush

Uni Big Fly Thread

Unispey by Rio, 10/11 weight

UV Knot Sense

UV2 Bow River Bugger

UV2 Bucktail, White

UV2 Calamari, Pink

UV2 Crystal Bugger BH Purple

UV2 Fusion Hand Mottled Egg Beads

UV2 Rabbit Crosscut Strips, Chartreuse

UV2 Rabbit Crosscut Strips, Hot Pink

UV2 Steelhead Pheasant Tail Pink

UV2 Super Schlappen

UV2 Versi Tube

UV2 Yuk Bug

Veevus Holograophic Tinsel, Large

Veevus Holograophic Tinsel, Medium

Veevus Power Thread 240



Wader Bucket by OPST

Wading Staff

Wapsi Premium Dubbing Wax

Waterworks Lamson ARX Reel - extra spool

Waterworks Lamson Guru HD Series II Fly Fishing Reel

Wayward Guide Jacket, Large

White Krystal Skating Popper

Whiting Grizzly Hackle

Winter Steelhead Moal Fly Collection

Wonder Cloth by Rio

Yuk Bug Black Badger

Zap Goo

Zap-a-Gap Super Glue