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Fly Tying Materials and Supplies

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Tungsten Cones, Large Black - Product Image
Click for larger image

Tungsten Cones, Large Black

Tungsten Cones, Large Black
Package of 10

Price:   $4.99 

Tungsten Predator Eyes, Red, 3/16 inch - Product Image

Tungsten Predator Eyes, Red, 3/16 inch

Colored tungsten eyes are ready to tie on and use. The offset axis lowers the center of gravity and centers the eye on the hook shank. 10 per package.

Other Details:
Diameters are 1/8" for small and 3/16" for medium.

Price:   $6.45 

Two Tone Crosscut Rabbit Strips - Product Image
Click for larger image

Two Tone Crosscut Rabbit Strips

Crosscut rabbit strips are cut at an angle for tying for Moal Leeches, bunny flies Fur on a crosscut rabbit strip lays to one side making it a good choice for palmering. 1/8 inch width.

Great Color effect


  • cross cut for wrapping on flies
  • acieves a hackled type effect
  • 4 strips
  • 9 inches each


Price:   $3.50 

Uni Big Fly Thread - Product Image
Click for larger image

Uni Big Fly Thread

Strong, great for large flies. Grabflies ties it's Moal Leeches with Big Fly Thread - good to build up head behind bead or cone.

Grabflies uses this thread for it's Moal Leeches and Saltwater flies.

Price:   $2.99 

Veevus Holograophic Tinsel, Medium - Product Image
Click for larger image

Veevus Holograophic Tinsel, Medium

Veevus Holographic Tinsel is ultra strong and does not loose it's color when stretched. It glows in the water!

Size: Medium (1/32") (20m per spool)

Price:   $3.75 

Zap-a-Gap Super Glue - Product Image
Click for larger image

Zap-a-Gap Super Glue

Zap-a-Gap Super Glue: Cyanoacrylates adhesive that fills gaps. Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Cures in 20 seconds. Bonds anything, even oily surfaces! Water proof, incredibly strong in very small amounts. Used for attaching lead wire, eyes and many other applications including on-stream repairs.
SIZE: .25 oz

Zap-A-Gap is completely water proof. Zap-A-Gap dries fast. It takes about 10 seconds to dry. Zap-A-Gap comes in a small plastic tube. The top locks tight and won't spill or leak. Zap-A-Gap will stick to any non-greasy, porous material. Bonds made with Zap-A-Gap are very strong. Always use less than you think you'll really need.

Perfect Head Cement

Price:   $4.75 

Egg Beads, Red/Orange - Product Image
Click for larger image

Egg Beads, Red/Orange

Grabflies uses these beads as well as Fish Magnet Flies.

Size:6 mm, Plastic

Quantity: 25 beads

Price:   $2.95 

Small Hook Holder Tubing - Product Image
Click for larger image

Small Hook Holder Tubing

Soft PVC tubing. 12" Piece per individual pack. It fits 3/32" OD tubes.This is what Grabflies uses on its Neo Skagit Leeches and Intruders for 2018. Helps hold the hook in place. Soft tubing that does the job great.

Price:   $2.90 

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers - Product Image
Click for larger image

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers are 1/69" wide, about the same as flashabou. They are micro barred fiber to give a grizzly barred effect. Fibers are 8" long.

Designed to emulate Rhea feathers, these 1/16th inch thick fibers synthetic tie in gorgeously to pulsate while swimming. - Swim and moves great, and lots of action to your Steelhead and Salmon Intruder patterns and Leeches.

Price:   $4.95 

Aquaflies Round Eye Shanks, 33mm - Product Image
Click for larger image

Aquaflies Round Eye Shanks, 33mm

This shank has a clean tapered return, there are no sharp edges, perfect for any pattern using dumbbell eyes.
Price:   $7.99 

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