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Fly Tying Tools
4 inch all purpose Scissor by Dr. Slick - Product Image

4 inch all purpose Scissor by Dr. Slick

4 inch all purpose Scissor by Dr. Slick
Price:   $12.95 

4 inch Ceramic Bobbin by Dr. Slick - Product Image

4 inch Ceramic Bobbin by Dr. Slick

Bobbins are the critical tool in tying since they must keep smooth tension on the thread spool and have super smooth inserts to apply the thread to your fly.

  • Stainless Steel & Brass Finish
  • Dual Ceramic
  • Delrin Feet
  • Funnel shaped Inserts

Price:   $14.00 

Dr Slick 2.25 Stainless Steel Duplex Rubber Jaw Hackle Plier - Product Image

Dr Slick 2.25 Stainless Steel Duplex Rubber Jaw Hackle Plier

Non-rotary pliers are best for simple application of hackles to flies.

These hackle pliers hold and grip hackle great. uses these pliers for its Steelhead and Salmon flies.

Price:   $7.00 

Ultimate Stainless Steel Tearing Dub Brush - Product Image
Click for larger image

Ultimate Stainless Steel Tearing Dub Brush

For really getting in there, stainless steel is the way to go. The bristles are that much stiffer with the Ultimate Stainless Steel Dub Brush and works on bigger flies better than the one with nylon bristles though it will also work fine on smaller flies. Just watch your thread!
Price:   $4.20 

Stonfo Regular Bobbin - Product Image
Click for larger image

Stonfo Regular Bobbin

A specially coated ceramic tube to prevent thread fraying. Fits very comfortably in your hand.
Price:   $9.95 

Griffin Bobbin Threader Set - Product Image
Click for larger image

Griffin Bobbin Threader Set

Griffin's Threader Set includes three wire loop threader devices made of high quality spring steel. Makes threading your bobbins easy.
Price:   $4.99 

Norvise - Rotary Fly Tying Vise - Product Image

Norvise - Rotary Fly Tying Vise

Unbeatable Fly Tying Vises by Norvise - This is the vise that Grabflies uses to tie it's flies.

As experienced fly tiers know, the revolutionary rotary fly tying vise by Norvise has advantages over other rotary vises. Combined, these advantages make the Norvise a tool of both art and science — yielding a lifetime of fly tying success.

Centerline Perfection

Norvise positions the hook on a perfect rotational centerline, allowing the hook be spun, replacing tiresome hand-over-hand wrapping. With the shank of the hook always aligned to center, the material is “turned” or “spun” onto the hook. This is a real labor and frustration saver.

Body Material, Hackle and Dubbing

Precision ball bearing and heavy brass hubs enable Norvise to work like a spinning wheel for the world’s most fluid dubbing, creating perfectly shaped and textured bodies. Working thread, other body materials and hackle are applied better, faster and easier than by any other method.

Other Configurations

The Norvise system accommodates several configurations, or “conversions” — all quickly and easily mounted onto the vise arbor. These configurations will handle nearly any fly tying situation — from tiny, delicate trout flies to large saltwater patterns — each different “configuration” excels in certain applications.

See other Norvise Tools and Accessories (click here)

Price:   $395.00 

Norvise Bobbin Kit - Product Image
Click for larger image

Norvise Bobbin Kit

The Norvise Fly Tying Bobbin Kit is a great starter package. It includes a Norvise Bobbin (with ceramic tube), three additional machined aluminum spools (four, including the one on the Bobbin) a spooling Arbor to load your thread onto the aluminum spool, and instructions. The bobbin works perfectly with the Norvise Fly Tying Vise and Vise Thread Post that comes with the vise.

See other Norvise Tools and Accessories (click here)

Price:   $95.00 

Norvise Bobbin Spools - Product Image
Click for larger image

Norvise Bobbin Spools

Norvise Bobbin Spools - box of 10

Our precision-machined, aluminum bobbin spools fit the Norvise Bobbin.
Many fly tiers using a variety of working threads find it economical to simply change spools rather than have a separate bobbin for each thread. These spools hold from 50 to 500 yards of thread, depending on its size (diameter). It’s best not to overfill them.
These bobbin spools are identical to those included in the Norvise Bobbin Kit. Bobbin spools are available in packages of three spools, or in a box of ten.

Helpful hints: Winding in a set direction is not critical as the spools can be “turned around” on the bobbin. Norm suggests using a marking pen on the side of each spool to identify the thread type or size. A rubber band around the thread on the spool can be used to keep it from unraveling when stored.

See other Norvise Tools and Accessories (click here)

Price:   $50.00 

Bobbin Thread Keepers, Large - Product Image
Click for larger image

Bobbin Thread Keepers, Large

Great for keeping your thread in place on bobbins.

At Grabflies, I have many different bobbins threaded with different colors and sizes of thread. I use these to keep the thread from be pulled back down the bobbin tube. They work great! Jeff Layton

Price:   $3.49 

HMH Spartan Vise - Product Image

HMH Spartan Vise

HMH Spartan Vise

The Spartan is the best value in a precision-machined vise today. It gives you all the performance features you'll ever need, including full rotary action and adjustable head angle, and our incredibly easy and versatile interchangeable jaw system. The Spartan's sleek design gives you a beautiful vise with excellent access to the jaw tip, and an ample and comfortable tying platform for those long tying sessions. It is guaranteed to last lifetimes for a price that can't be beat

This is what uses to tie Moal Leeches with. Great vise for hook shank to hook setups.

"Best $100-$200 vise"
(Fly Fisherman Magazine, Feb, 2002)

"...Best buy"
(Fly Rod & Reel, Mar, 2002).

  • Infinite Head Angle Adjustment
  • Longest Tying Platform for Better Tying
  • Hardened Tool Steel Jaws
  • Quick Change Jaw Feature
  • Hand Polished Stainless Steel Chasis
  • Ultra-smooth 360 degree Rotary Action
  • Smooth Disc Drag Rotary Tension Adjustment
  • Large, Comfort-Grip Locking Cam Lever
  • Fast, One-Hand Operation
  • Double Spring Material Clip
  • Choice of Powder Coated Sculpted Pedestal Base, or C-Clamp
  • Neoprene Vise Pouch Included
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • See Options and Accessories to Custom-fit your Vise

Price:   $199.00 
Base Options  

Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set - Product Image
Click for larger image

Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set

The Marc Petitjean Magic Tool is an indispensable tool system for any fly tyer. This tool system lets you create any combination of synthetic or natural dubbing, soft or stiff feathers including CDC plumes, along with any material you can dream of, to put on a fly using a dubbing loop. Printed instructions are included. A large version of a clip and clamps for larger loops or longer materials. MAGNUM MAGIC TOOL SET Includes 1-clip, 1-clamp and 3-sizes of wooden "equalizers". uses the large clip to dub Ostrich, Rhea, Pheasant...and fur. Holds the dubbing selection in a nice row and makes it easy to dub. A must have for dubbing these large materials.
Price:   $38.95 

Loon Ergo Hackle Plier - Product Image
Click for larger image

Loon Ergo Hackle Plier

Loon Outdoors Ergo Hackle Pliers are an essential tool for tying flies. Loon Outdoors Ergo Hackle Pliers feature smooth and versatile tips for a secure grip when wrapping your hackles. Its round shape is easy to hold and use. Make hackle wrapping a breeze with Loon Outdoors Ergo Hackle Pliers.

I love these pliers great for holding onto Marabou and thick feather stems. - Jeff Layton | Grabflies

Price:   $8.90 

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