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Fly Tying Materials Used in Tying: FLI (Flutter Leg Intruder)
Crazy Legs - Product Image
Click for larger image

Crazy Legs

Silicone skirting legs with reflective colored flakes embedded. Excellent for Tube flies, and Intruder Steelhead flies.
Price:   $3.25 

Cross-Eyed Cones - Product Image
Click for larger image

Cross-Eyed Cones

By Spirit River: Our original design is so good, it too has been copied by our competitors. Our machining is unsurpassed and the plating is fantastic. Spirit River is proud to be known as the leader in quality on all our brass products like these incredible eyes.
Each eye is machined on a screw machine one at a time. They are tumbled to remove many of the machining marks...then we plate them with a really high quality finish. Each eye is inspected then has resign poured into the pupil area.
Next we bake it to harden the pupils. Our process takes a heck of a long time & yes it is quite expensive...but you should expect the very best when you take your time and your skills to tie your own flies.
These eyes have proved themselves to be a great addition to any tiers arsenal. Our unique high quality eyes give patterns beautiful bait-fish appeal which predators key in on while also giving them the weight they need.

Great for Intruder Tube Flies

 Quantity: 10

Price:   $5.95 

Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set - Product Image
Click for larger image

Marc Petitjean Magnum Magic Tool Clip Set

The Marc Petitjean Magic Tool is an indispensable tool system for any fly tyer. This tool system lets you create any combination of synthetic or natural dubbing, soft or stiff feathers including CDC plumes, along with any material you can dream of, to put on a fly using a dubbing loop. Printed instructions are included. A large version of a clip and clamps for larger loops or longer materials. MAGNUM MAGIC TOOL SET Includes 1-clip, 1-clamp and 3-sizes of wooden "equalizers". uses the large clip to dub Ostrich, Rhea, Pheasant...and fur. Holds the dubbing selection in a nice row and makes it easy to dub. A must have for dubbing these large materials.
Price:   $38.95 

Crosscut Rabbit Strips, 1/8 in Packaged - Product Image
Click for larger image

Crosscut Rabbit Strips, 1/8 in Packaged

Packaged Crosscut rabbit strips are cut at an angle for tying for Moal Leeches, bunny flies Fur on a crosscut rabbit strip lays to one side making it a good choice for palmering. 1/8 inch width
Price:   $3.50 

Daiichi 2370 10 PER PACK SIZE 2 - Product Image
Click for larger image

Daiichi 2370 10 PER PACK SIZE 2

Daiichi 2370- 7X-Long Streamer Hook

Noted author and fly tier, Dick Talleur, designed this hook for Daiichi as the quintessential streamer hook. Specifically designed for bead headed streamers, this hook sports a modified limerick bend that is more rounded to accommodate beads. The 7X length, tapered loop eye, and 3X-heavy wire compliment the design making this a truly world class fly hook. 10 per pack.

Shanks for FLI (Flutter Leg Intruder)

Eye goes thru Cross-Eyed Cones (Medium, and Large)

Price:   $6.65 

Daiichi Intruder Hook, Black, Size 2, D2557 - Product Image

Daiichi Intruder Hook, Black, Size 2, D2557

Daiichi Intruder Hook - Black Nickel

Round bend, wide gap, slightly curved point, up eye, forged, offset and black nickel finish.

Uses: Intruder style flies and trailing hooks.

Price:   $5.49 

Flashabou - Product Image
Click for larger image


Flashabou in the long packages. This is the best reflective flash for Steelhead and Salmon flies. Lots of movement.
Price:   $4.65 

Petitjean Magic Head - Product Image

Petitjean Magic Head

Price:   $5.95 

Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire - Product Image
Click for larger image

Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire

Now you can match the color of your trailer hook wire to your fly with Senyo's Intruder Trailer Hook Wire. Senyo has tested this stuff, doubled over like you'd tie it on an intruder, at over 50lbs tensile strength. Stiff enough to hold your hook in the right position without fowling, this product is our new go-to when tying any articulated fly. For hook sizes 6 or larger, package includes 4 yards of material.
Price:   $4.85 

Tube Assortment Small for Tube Flies  - Product Image
Click for larger image

Tube Assortment Small for Tube Flies

HMH Small Diameter Tube Assortment: 3/32" O.D 12 pack

Cut to length

Price:   $6.99 

UV2 Super Schlappen - Product Image

UV2 Super Schlappen

All are UV enhanced over natural bronze providing a subtle iridescent color. These are perfect for large silhouettes and motion. These are great for salmon/steelhead hackle.
Price:   $5.75 

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers - Product Image
Click for larger image

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers

Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers are 1/69" wide, about the same as flashabou. They are micro barred fiber to give a grizzly barred effect. Fibers are 8" long.

Designed to emulate Rhea feathers, these 1/16th inch thick fibers synthetic tie in gorgeously to pulsate while swimming. - Swim and moves great, and lots of action to your Steelhead and Salmon Intruder patterns and Leeches.

Price:   $4.95 

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