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Spey (Two Hand Fly Rods)

ECHO 3 Two Hand Spey Fly Rod - Product Image
Click for larger image

ECHO 3 Two Hand Spey Fly Rod

ECHO3: Hanging out with a focused group of spey casting and steelhead bums puts you in a great environment for the evolutionary development of spey rods. Tim and his team of spey bums, including world champion caster Mariusz Wroblewski, designed the Echo3 Two Handers to fit the largest range of casting styles and be equally comfortable casting Skagit style shooting heads or long belly floating lines. The new Echo3 series of Two-Handed rods are the most versatile Spey rods Tim has built to date. The light feel provided by the high modulus material give you supreme flex recovery and tighter loops. These rods feel great when first picked up, but really shine in your hands on the water.

ECHO3 Rods feature:

  • High modulus slim profile blanks
  • High grade full cork handle and butt with composite butt cap
  • SIC stripper guides
  • Cloth rod sock with rod size label
  • No roll, square, cordura covered rod case
  • Green metal pearl gloss blank
  • Heavy duty chrome snake guides
  • Heavy duty chrome tip top
  • No maintenance full metal reel seat
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Echo lifetime warranty
Echo 3, 8134 Spey Rod
6127: Grains (390 - 500)
7130: Grains (450-540)
8134: Grains (480-625)

"I've casted a lot of different Spey rods and own quite a few. I just added the Echo3 13'4" eight weight to my quiver. I ask a lot out of my rods and really push them to deliver on distance and accuracy. This rod did both at half the price compared to the rods that run a $ 1,000.00

This evening I was casting this rod 120 ft, with a 625 grain Rio Skagit Max line, ten feet of T-14 tip, and a three inch Moal leech. I even pushed it farther with careful coiling of running line, but realistically this is about as far as this rod and most rods can cast a big fly through the air.

I recommended this rod highly."

Jeff Layton

Echo 3, 8134 Spey Rod
Echo Tough/Strong - 25 lb King Salmon

Price:   $549.99 

Echo TR Two Handed Spey Rod - Product Image
Click for larger image

Echo TR Two Handed Spey Rod


What do you do when you have a slight hitch in your giddy-up? If you are a two-hand fly fisherman who owns their own rod company you simply create a family of rods that help you cast better. The TR (Tim Rajeff) series of rods have a little more oomph in the bottom half to keep up with his slightly more abrupt power application. The ECHO TR rods will throw tighter loops farther than you ever dreamed possible. Load them up with a Skagit Compact head and they slow down enough to make fishing sink tips a breeze. New to the family for 2014 is the TR-4120 (12' 0" #4). This rod takes an incredible rod series and makes it even better. With rods now available from the new 4 weight to the 14' 0" #9 weight winter cannon. When your friends ask to borrow your ECHO TR, don't do it, you might not get it back.

TR Rods feature:

  • Four piece travel design
  • Alignment dots for quick assembly
  • Premium grade cork upper handle with composite pressure zone at top of the handle
  • Handle lengths vary with each model
  • Premium grade cork lower handle with composite pivot knob
  • Black anodized reel seat
  • Matte army green blank
  • Black stripper and snake guides
  • Green cordura case with rod sock
  • Echo lifetime warranty

Sale Price:   $299.95  Regular Price: $349.99  
You Save: $50.04

Redington Chromer Spey Rod - Product Image
Click for larger image

Redington Chromer Spey Rod

The new CHROMER rods are the ultimate tool for the two-handed angler. With refined rod actions to suit a variety of casting and line styles, the rods also feature custom polymer gripping sections on the top and bottom handles. These unique pinch grip sections allow for easy running line management during spey casts and added comfort over a long day of fishing. With three switch, and five spey models, we offer a size for any steelhead or salmon fishing scenario.

  • Super-smooth fast action
  • Downlocking reel seat for improved in-hand balance
  • Polymer Pinch Grip sections on top and bottom handles
  • Polymer grips maintain body temperature for comfortable winter fishing
  • Matte finish blank for flash reduction
  • Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking
  • Full Anodized aluminum reel seat
  • Premium gradecork handles
  • Fully protective cordura rod tube with dividers
  • Lifetime warranty

Rod Specs - 
Weight (oz)

After having fished this rod - Chromer 8 weight, I give it five stars. If you want one rod to fish all steelhead seasons in the Pacific NW, this is the best rod on the market for under $500.00.
  • Casts far - cannon
  • Can cast big winter flies (3 inch +)
  • Nice handle

Jeff Layton - I recommend the 625 grain Rio Skagit Max Shooting Head for this rod. This is a fast action rod and it takes a little more grain weight to load the rod into the mid section.

Read Rod review by Dave Robinson - click here

Price:   $399.95 

Loop Evotec, Evo 8136 4 piece, Fast Action Spey Fly Rod - Product Image
Click for larger image

Loop Evotec, Evo 8136 4 piece, Fast Action Spey Fly Rod

NEW: 13' 6" eight weight Spey Rod, this rod is a cannon, lots of power with a light tip. Free Shipping in the US.

Made with the Cross Weave technology, the Evotec series have a sweet, precise and balanced action, combined with an extra durability. Minimal vibrations and the possibilty to change tempo with ease is the fruit of our “Perfect Curve” philosophy. With a handle in epoxy-cork mix you also get the best grip available. Either your rod can have the revolutionary X-Grip handles to further increase stability and fine-tune the fishing experience, or a traditional round handle. Available with optional hexagonal X-Grip or traditional round handle in cork-mix. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS  Built with Cross Weave technology for maximum durability.  Blank in aesthetic glossy finish.  Triangular reel-seat with a permanent lock – easier to put the reel in place.  Available with optional hexagonal X-Grip and traditional round handle in cork-mix.  Ceramic stripping guides and durable chrome snake-guides with double coating.  Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections.  Comes in cloth bag and pentagon shaped cordura tube.

Sale Price:   $349.00  Regular Price: $749.00  
You Save: $400.00

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