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Beginner's Guide to Fly Casting, Single Hand or Double Hand Spey Casting

Keeping it simple:

Two types of fly rods and casting styles:

  • 1. Single Hand
  • 2. Double Hand, AKA Spey Rod
  • What is the difference, and when does a Fly Fisherman/women/person use a single or double hand rod.
    Single Hand most commonly used for - Trout, Bass, Pan Fish, and Flats Fishing (Tarpon and Bonefish)...
    Double Hand most commonly used for - Trout (Trout Spey Casting), Steelhead, and Salmon...


    Single Hand uses the weight of the line matched to the rod, and line speed in the air to load and bend the rod for casting. Need back casting room - line goes back and forth (false casting) and distance of line is added to the cast during these false cast before final cast forward where more line can be added to the cast. Called shooting the line.

    Double Hand (Spey Casting - why the name Spey started on the river Spey in Scotland) The weight of the line matched to the rod in the water and air loads the rod for casting. The difference between single and double hand besides using two hands is the line is anchored to the water when making a D-Loop (like a roll cast in single hand) that loads (bends and stores energy) for the forward cast outward.


    Single Hand

    • Dry Fly Fishing - allows fly fisherman to false cast a dry fly, drying fly for surface float and can help create an illusion of a hatch.
    • Better for retrieving fly line by hand when fishing wetflies, nymphs and streamers. A fly fisherman can retrieve flyline up to leader, and start new cast easier than double handed rod.
    • Better in short cast and tight quarters.

    Double Hand

  • Better for long casts on bigger rivers
  • Better for line control when swinging a fly
  • Better for casting large flies
  • Better for casting with bank brush and trees behind caster
  • Go to Fly Casting page for full details (CLICK HERE), or select lesson below:

    Jeff Layton Single Hand Casting Lessons at casting pond
    Fly Casting - Single Hand

    Jeff Layton Spey Casting
    Jeff Layton Spey Casting

    Single Hand Fly Casting Lesson

    Single Hand Fly Casting Lesson (more info click here)

    Two hours

    Price: $80.00

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    Double Hand Spey Casting Lesson

    Double Hand Spey Casting (Fly Casting) Lesson (more info click here)

    Two hours

    Price: $80.00

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