Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead on a fly)

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Grabflies Steelhead Fly Shop

Steelhead Flies, Salmon Flies, and Accessories that Catch Fish on the Swing - "Just Add a River"


GrabFlies - Steelhead Fly Shop

Established in 2009 is located in:
Washougal WA 98671
Shop Hours - by appointment only (often Jeff Layton is on the river giving lessons or fishing - not in shop)

More Info - (Casting Lessons - Click Here)

23 LB Steelhead hanging on display on Grabflies shop wall, thanks to Fish Mount Work from photo by Ron Camp

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Redington waders, wading jackets, reels

Rio Fly Lines, Spey


Fish Mad Man

Jeff Layton Spey Casting

Rivers that Jeff fishes: Bogachiel, Bulkley, Campbell, Chetco, Clackamas, Calawah, Clearwater, Cowlitz, Deschutes, Gold, Grand Ronde, Hoh, Kalama, Kalum, Klickitat, East Fork Lewis, North Fork Lewis, Nimpkish, Methow, North Umpqua, Quinault, Rogue, Sandy, Skeena, South Fork Toutle, Vedder, Washougal, and Wilson.


I love fly fishing.

When I began fly fishing as a boy at the age of twelve. I left behind the gear and the bait, which was fine during the summer and fall months but presented challenges during the winter and high waters of spring. But I pursued on in my purist commitment to be a fly fishermen.

I love the meditative feel of swinging a fly in a grand river. Something I seem to never get enough of. So I cast, mend, and step, swing and wait for the grab. Over and over again I do this and two step my way down the river.

A fly fishing adage "It all in the presentation and not the fly". Presentation is important, but that only applies when comparing one angler to the other. For the fly angler it is all about the fly.

So when I hear that the winter Steelhead are not biting swinging flies and that you need to nymph. I smile and tie on a fly that will motivate the Steelhead to move. It's all about motivation for both the fish and the fishermen.

What motivates you?

Jeff Layton, Steelhead Photos (Click Here) | Fly Fishing Casting Lessons (Spey, Single Hand) (Click Here)

Custom tied, made in the USA

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