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Fly Tying Accessories
Flasha-Go-Round - Product Image
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Flash Carousel for Fly Tying - Grabflies uses this on it's fly tying station.

The Flasha-Go-Round is just the ticket for organizing your Krystal Flash, Flashabou and other synthetic tying materials. The revolving Flasha-Go-Round securely holds your tying materials in place and keeps your favorite materials just an arms length away, dramatically reducing the time required to find what you need. Use the Zip-Ties already attached to your tying material or attach one to the material for hanging on the Flasha-Go-Round. The rotating top enables you to spin to the color of choice, cut off what you need, and keep tying. The Flasha-Go-Round holds up to 18 items and is 9.5 inches tall with a diameter of 6 inches at the base.

Krystal Flash in the photo not included. By Wapsi

Free Shipping on Orders over $35.00 in the US,

Price: $28.95 

Griffin Bobbin Threader Set - Product Image
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Griffin Bobbin Threader Set

Griffin's Threader Set includes three wire loop threader devices made of high quality spring steel. Makes threading your bobbins easy.
Price: $4.99 

OPST Shank Chuck Tool - Product Image
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OPST Shank Chuck Tool

You have seen it (or a prototype of it) in our fly tying videos. You have called and emailed and asked about it. And now it's (almost) here: the OPST Shank Chuck Tool. It took us a long time to dial this one in. The challenge was first, to make a tool that would fit with just about any vise on the planet. We succeeded. If this tool does not fit with your vise, we will refund your money. The second challenge was finding a tool that can both shanks and some tubes- by unscrewing the chuck housing, you can flip the inner chuck one way for shanks and the other way for tubes.

The shank will hold shanks down to our Micro Shanks, which are 0.90mm in diameter. Tube adaptor inner diameter: 2mm.

Price: $50.00 

Hareline Silicone Bead Pad - Product Image
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Hareline Silicone Bead Pad

Tired of tiny beads, hooks and other materials migrating all over your tying table? This Silicone Bead Pad is the solution. Micro pockets on one side control beads. The flip side is smooth and can be used for adhesives and epoxy, which will not stick, making for easy cleanup. Size: 7.5" x 5.12".

  • Keeps tiny beads, hooks and other materials in their place
  • Micro pockets on one side
  • Smooth on the other side
  • Non-stick surface

Price: $5.49 

Loon Ergo Hackle Plier - Product Image
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Loon Ergo Hackle Plier

Loon Outdoors Ergo Hackle Pliers are an essential tool for tying flies. Loon Outdoors Ergo Hackle Pliers feature smooth and versatile tips for a secure grip when wrapping your hackles. Its round shape is easy to hold and use. Make hackle wrapping a breeze with Loon Outdoors Ergo Hackle Pliers.

I love these pliers great for holding onto Marabou and thick feather stems. - Jeff Layton | Grabflies

Price: $8.90 

Glow in the dark - Junction Tubing - Product Image
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Glow in the dark - Junction Tubing

Grabflies Glow in the dark - Junction Tubing

Flexible, medium stiff 2mm opening, PVC luminous tubing.

Package comes with five, 4.5 inch tubes (22.5 inches of tubing)

Color: Chartreuse



Price: $3.95 
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