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Aqua Flies
Aqua Flies is a company committed to tying the finest flies on earth. Only the highest quality fly tying materials are used: Gamakatsu hooks, Whiting Farms feathers, Waddington Shanks. Each fly is hand tied by the most experienced commercial fly tiers in the business and passes through stringent quality inspection.
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Martini Olive, Olive/Grizzly - Product Image
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Martini Olive, Olive/Grizzly

The traditional summer steelhead flies were developed on the fabled rivers of the Pacific Northwest, such as the Umpqua, Deschutes, and the Rogue. Our traditional summer steelhead flies are tied on a black nickel, up-turned eye, salmon hook. Special orders can be tied on Gamakatsu, Daiichi, or Maruto hooks.

A very nice tie.

A great Steelhead Pattern for Summer and Fall.

Size: 5 hook

Price: $4.49 

Jerry's Ultra Mini-Intruder, Blue/Black - Product Image
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Jerry's Ultra Mini-Intruder, Blue/Black

Jerry's newest intruder design utilizing the Ultra Rig. The Ultra Rig is a new system to rig shank flies with a trailing hook. The Ultra Rig is made with 50 pound Spider Wire, Ultra Tubing and a size 2 AquaTalon hook. This rigging system eliminates the use of wire as a trailing loop. The Ultra Rig system allows the angler to change out the hook without damaging the fly or the trailing loop. The only commercially tied fly with this rigging system.  In addition to the rigging system, this intruder is tied using an Aqua Flies Shank, Aqua Flies Intruder Eyes and the Aqua Flies Fake Jungle Cock.

Jerry French Signature Flies

Jerry French is well recognized amongst the steelhead spey community. When speaking of Skagit-style casting systems and tying of intruder type flies, Jerry and his friends Ed Ward and Scott Howell are at the forefront of modern Northwest fly fishing for steelhead. These flies are engineered to fish. Utilizing Jerry's innovative techniques of composite loops and modern materials, we have tied a fly that the master himself will fish.


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Price: $5.95 

TDF Nymph Girdle Bug, black dubbing body, size 6 - Product Image
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TDF Nymph Girdle Bug, black dubbing body, size 6

Nymphing for steelhead and sea run browns is a very effective technique. In the rivers of the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest, nymphing is quickly becoming the go-to method for many anglers fishing for steelhead. The hooks used for our nymphs are stout enough to hold the heaviest steelhead or the sea run browns of Tierra del Fuego.
Price: $3.79 

Larimer's Reverse Marabou, Chartreuse/Blue - Product Image
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Larimer's Reverse Marabou, Chartreuse/Blue

With the Reverse Marabou Tube, Tom Larimer solves this problem by tying it backwards on the tube so the marabou fibers point forward, giving a bigger profile with a smaller amount of material.  The smaller amount of material helps it sink fast, and that sink rate is really important as we mentioned above.
  • Super simple, yet deadly effective
  • The marabou is tied in facing forward to give it extra bulk without the weight
  • Both winter and summer steelhead love to eat marabou
  • Tube fly with included hook

Price: $3.39 

Rob Crandall's Promise Keeper - Product Image
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Rob Crandall's Promise Keeper

Promise Keeper: this pattern is a great combo of cerise and black with a bit of flash. It is a top producer most of the year. Works especially well in them medium green to clear water conditions. Black and Pink are good winter Steelhead colors.

Size 2 trailing hook

Easy to cast: 2.5 inches 

Sale Price: $4.79 Regular Price: $5.79  
You Save: $1.00

Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Olive - Product Image
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Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Olive

Sculpin Flies are great for Steelhead, trout from Alaska, Pacific Northwest and Great  Lakes.
Alaska sculpin baitfish is a key source of protein for resident rainbow trout, Dolly Varden char, steelhead, and pike in Alaska lakes and streams.
Jerry French has spent many seasons guiding in Alaska. It is during this time that he honed his trout fishing skills.  The Alaskan trout are big, hungry meat eaters and are not shy about eating big flies. Jerry has designed his trout flies to lure the largest trout in the river. The WMD Sculpin is rigged with a size 4 AquaTalon hook.

Price: $6.75 

Senyo's Flesh Fly - Product Image
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Senyo's Flesh Fly

Senyo's Flesh Fly, Rotting Flesh
Flesh Flies are very effective way to catch big trout when they are keyed into the high protein of eggs and flesh during a salmon spawn.
Designed to mimic the exact color and movement of a smaller chunk of salmon flesh drifting through the water. Great pattern as a go-to for rainbow trout fishing on the Kenai River and others.

Price: $4.99 

Lances BH Iced Tea, Amber, Size 12 - Product Image
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Lances BH Iced Tea, Amber, Size 12

A good nymph that imitates a wide range of aquatics.
Price: $2.50 

Mini Mud Euphoria Caddis Green, Size 12 - Product Image
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Mini Mud Euphoria Caddis Green, Size 12

A good Caddis Fly Imitation. Swing it in a river or stream, Cast sink and strip it in still water, lake or pond - it works.
Price: $3.95 

Gamboa's Halo Prawn Chartreuse - Product Image
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Gamboa's Halo Prawn Chartreuse

Dennis Gamboa is a talented fly tier from British Columba. Whether he is tying steelhead flies, trout flies or saltwater flies, Dennis has the talent to create some very fishy patterns. The Halo Prawn is Dennis' first submission. The Halo Prawn has a translucent appearance to mimic a prawn in saltwater. Dennis uses Slush Jelly Chenille to give the fly this translucent look. Halo Eyes give the fly some realism and speckled marabou creates some movement. Tied on a 33mm shank and rigged with the Ultra Rig and a size 2 hook.
Price: $6.25 

Hoody's Hanger Blue - Product Image
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Hoody's Hanger Blue

With many years of intense searching for these anadromous business partners, I have found tying my skaters on a 60° hook has had the most success. The fly skates, pops and gurgles, making it hard for fish to resist. The Hanger is easy to cast and will pop well due to the tail end of the fly being weighed down by the hook. This keeps the legs down and the foam up for that iconic pop. Greatest of all are most of the fish hooked on the 60° jig hook are landed. Black and blue for those early morning dawn patrols and over cast days, orange for bright fish, and white for that 12 O’clock lunch fish when everyone’s taking a nap.
Price: $5.29 

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