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FishMADMan Tube Skating Flies


Tube Grease Liner Orange - Product Image
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Tube Grease Liner Orange

The Grease Liner: Favoured classic wake fly for steelhead designed by Mr. Harry Lemire in 1962.

A "must-have" in the fly box if you aim for steelhead in B.C. Canada. The original version of the
Grease liner tied on single hooks… could be difficult to keep skating… this is not a problem with
the tube version from Fishmadman…
– The body of the Tube Grease liner is made of the incomparable Simi Seal dubbing from Mr.
John Rohmer in Arizona (Colour; Canadian Brown)

This a 45 millimeter fly (from front to end of tail) The body is 27 millimeters long – So equivalent of
a # 4 fly.

Comes with hook.

riffling hitch system

Two ways to rig this fly:

1. Riffling hitch system - see image above

2. Tie on like regular tube fly - leader down tube, and tie on hook. Push hook up into tube. 

Price: $5.25 
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