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Fly Rods - Spey, Double Handed
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Two Handed Fly Rod Sleeve Bag - Product Image
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Two Handed Fly Rod Sleeve Bag

I like to travel with my fly rod rigged and ready to fish, but often I didn't because I was worried about my rod breaking.
Necessity is the mother of invention - which has given birth to this fly rod soft bag travel case.
Made with rugged water resistant outdoor fabric so you don't have to worry about the case soaking up water or dripping on the inside of your car.
Great for:
  • Travel in your car or truck
  • Boat travel
  • Walking through the woods (no more snagging on every branch or snag)
  • Storing in your garage
  • Fitting Four Peice Rods (broken down into two sections) 11 ft up,  
  • Custom sewed by Layton (made in the USA)

    Made out of high quality material:

    Cordura® HP Royal Blue is a rugged, heavy-duty fabric woven from INVISTA™ textured high-quality polyester. This fabric features a clear polyurethane coating on the back and a durable water-repellent finish on the front for a long-lasting product that resists the elements and is easy to clean. You can distinguish the front of the fabric as it will have a shine-free finish compared to the slightly darker color and shine on the back side. This is a 915 x 1220 denier fabric.

    Because of its great resistance to abrasion, mildew and rot, plus its quick-drying abilities, this high-performance polyester product is great for backpacks, custom bags, outdoor gear, footwear and sail bags. 

    Sizes are listed below. Smaller sizes can always fit longer rods.  

    Made in the USA 

    Also see Fly Rod Handle Protector (Click Here)

    Made by a fisherman for fishermen

    Price: $27.95 

    Redington CLAYMORE Spey Rod - Product Image
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    Redington CLAYMORE Spey Rod

    Redington CLAYMORE Spey Rod, replacing Redington CHROMER Spey Rod.

    Whether you’re in the pursuit of wild steelhead or overhand casting for stripers off the beach, the CLAYMORE Two-Handed Rod was designed to handle the needs of any battlefield. This fast action rod family is built using a smooth yet powerful blank, making for intuitive touch-and-go style casts when fishing classic style patterns early season as well as turning over the heaviest of sink tips during the colder months of winter. With features that include a down locking reel seat for improved balanced and Polymer Pinch Grips for increased line control, the CLAYMORE makes casting a two-hander more enjoyable and less like you’re swinging a medieval weapon around. So go ahead, grab on with two hands and enjoy a day swinging your favorite run.

    • Spey models: 5123-4, 6126-4, 7126-4, 7136-4, 8136-4, 8136-4


    • Premium grade cork handles
    • Polymer Pinch Grip sections on top and bottom handles for increased line control
    • Anodized aluminum down locking reel seat for improved balance
    • Section tips epoxy coated to prevent sticking
    • Fully protective cordura rod tube with dividers
    • Lifetime warranty

    Rod Specs - 

    Weight (oz)

    After having fished this rod - Chromer 8 weight, I give it five stars. If you want one rod to fish all steelhead seasons in the Pacific NW, this is the best rod on the market for under $500.00.
    • Casts far - cannon
    • Can cast big winter flies (3 inch +)
    • Nice handle

    Jeff Layton - I recommend the 625 grain Rio Skagit Max Shooting Head for this rod. This is a fast action rod and it takes a little more grain weight to load the rod into the mid section.

    Read Rod review by Dave Robinson - click here

    Price: $399.95 

    Redington Rod, Reel, Line Combo, Five Weight Fly Rod - Product Image
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    Redington Rod, Reel, Line Combo, Five Weight Fly Rod

    Just add water. The all new TOPO combo comes complete with everything you need to fish: rod, reel, line, a tapered leader, flies, a fly box, extra spool of tippet, and a nipper. The convenient, packable size makes it an easy addition to your next outdoor adventure or the perfect starting kit for anglers just entering the sport.

    • All water, medium-fast action rod
    • Combo includes:
      • TOPO fly rod
      • CROSSWATER reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream® WF5F fly line with front loop
      • 9’ 5x tapered RIO® leader
      • Nippers
      • Six high floating, easy-to see foam dry flies packed in a custom Redington sealed fly box
      • An extra spool of RIO® tippet
      • Zippered carrying case
    • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
    • 1-year warranty
    • Flies included:
      • Olive Foam Caddis Size 14
      • Tan Bullet Hopper Size 10
      • Hi-Vis Foam Ant Size 16
      • Hi-Vis Foam Beetle Size 12
      • Foam Adams Mayfly Size 14
      • Foam BWO Mayfly Size 16
      • FREE SHIPPING in the USA

    Price: $219.95 

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