Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Fly Tying Fur
Squirrel Tail - Product Image
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Squirrel Tail

Among the most widely used tails in fly tying, for streamer wings, hair wings and tails and hackles.
Price: $2.75 

Arctic Fox Hair: Body Fur by Hareline - Product Image
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Arctic Fox Hair: Body Fur by Hareline

A fine textured, durable hair for winging steelhead, sea-run cutthroat & streamer flies. It will remind you a little of marabou but has zero waste.

Great for Intruder prop dubbing balls, and mix in your composite dubbing loops.

Price: $4.85 

Swamp Rat Zonker Strips - Product Image
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Swamp Rat Zonker Strips

Amazing new backwoods varmint. The hair has a strong natural translucency similar to seal or polar bear. These special giant rats have a 2-2.5 inch multi hued fur. Guard hairs are usually white or light tipped. Strips are cut 1/8 wide and can be wrapped over the hook shank for a full bushy body, or can be tied on as a wing for lots of wiggle like a normal Zonker streamer. Widely used in Europe now on tube patterns. We love them for steelhead flies like moals and intruders or ant tube pattern. Also very nice as a pike/Muskie flies.
Price: $5.45 

Bling Rabbit Strips - Product Image
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Bling Rabbit Strips

Bling Rabbit Strips 1/8" - New For 2020

Bling Rabbit Strips add a new dimension to the current Hareline Rabbit Strip line up.

By adding solid and holographic accent colors to the hide these rabbit strips have added color and rigidity to prevent the hide from fouling or wraping around the hook while casting. The solid and holographic color colors added to the hide make these Bling Rabbit the best looking Rabbit Strips available. Streamer patterns of all types will be enhance greatly.

Each package of 1/8inch Bling Rabbit Strips contains 3 Strips of dyed rabbit.


Price: $4.95 

Faux Bucktail - Product Image
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Faux Bucktail

Fish Skull Faux Bucktail has the same diameter, texture, and taper as natural bucktail.

In appearance, faux bucktail is practically identical to natural. It has the same action in the water as well. We love to use these fibers on anything we'd use normal bucktail on, such as clousers, nymphs, poppers, streamers, etc.

Another added bonus to faux bucktail as opposed to natural is that each fiber is 6" long meaning that you have more than twice the amount of usable fibers that you get from a natural tail. This also eliminates having to search out ideal strands from a natural pack. 

Price: $5.49 
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