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Can be used in shop or online., 3311 Canyon Creek Rd. Washougal WA, 98671 for details.

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Rio Headcase Shooting Head Wallet - Product Image
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Rio Headcase Shooting Head Wallet

The ultimate shooting head case with tough 6mm storage bags arranged to allow easy viewing and flipping of heads, as well as mesh pockets for storing leaders and tippet spools. The bags are large enough to hold regular shooting heads, Skagit shooting heads and long Scandinavian shooting heads and 10 bags per case leave plenty of room for a varied selection of RIO heads.

Also see:

Rio Headcase Inserts (Click Here)


Price: $49.95 

Pocket Max Articulated Plus Fly Box - Product Image
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Pocket Max Articulated Plus Fly Box

The Plan D Pocket Max Articulated Plus utilizes our patent pending design for storing up to 40 of your favorite articulated fresh or saltwater flies. Simply slide the eye of the fly onto the stainless steel hook and insert the fly’s hook into the slotted foam. This box is especially great for micro articulated flies such as the new Intruders or Sculpzillas.
Price: $44.99 

Fish Handling Mitt, Mitt Only - Product Image
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Fish Handling Mitt, Mitt Only

Grip-n-Mitt: Grip-Glove is a quick and easy way to handle any size Fish in a humane way. An essential tool for larger fish and perfect for handling fish out of any type of boat. These gloves make life a whole lot easier. Once you use one you will realize the tremendous advantage. Slip on one of the gloves and you will find it is like Velcro on the wrist of the fish. The perfect tailing glove. In addition we have made a smaller version for women or a small mans hand. Each glove is made with the highest quality netting and is virtually indestructibly. The wrists are wide so they are EZ to slip on even when fighting a fish. We have a unique quick cinch allowing you to simply pull the cord and the glove will cinch up and not fall off. After use the fast drying glove can be rinsed in the water and given a quick brisk shake for storage. It will fit in any pocket and comes with a hook tether. 100% guarantee. PROUDLY MADE IN GLIDE OREGON.

Color: Camo, not black like photo.

Size: Large

Photo is Mitt + Stretch Cord and Clip, see: Fish Tailing Mitt with elastic coil

This is Mitt only

Price: $15.99 

Dr Slick Barb Plier - Product Image
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Dr Slick Barb Plier

A must have for pinching hook barbs down.

  • Satin with Green PVC Handles
  • Smooth Jaw Structure
  • Straight Jaw
  • 5 Inches
  • Wrist Lanyard Included

Price: $12.99 

Cliff's Articulator Fly Box - Product Image
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Cliff's Articulator Fly Box

The Articulator Fly Box from Cliff.

The Stinger hook is held by their slotted blue material , and the head is securely kept in place with the memory cord.

Great for storing Tube Flies, Intruders.


Price: $36.95 

OPST Wading Staff - Product Image
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OPST Wading Staff

The new and improved OPST Wading Staff is a four sectioned aluminum staff with a hardened tip, with a snug, removable rubber end cap. It self-assembles thanks to an internal bungee cord- just throw it out into the air and it will come together without any awkwardness. The handle is cork that secures to a tether with a clip. It has a spring-loaded height adjustment with six different settings, and it comes in a neoprene case with a sleeve for a wading belt. This is an easy to use, well-designed wading staff at a great price.
Price: $110.00 

Plan D Pocket Articulated Plus Fly Box - Product Image
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Plan D Pocket Articulated Plus Fly Box

The Pocket Articulated Plus has an additional set of hooks for a total of 20. This box is especially great for micro articulated flies such as the new Intruders or Sculpzillas.
Price: $34.99 

Cliff's Bugger Barn - Fly Box - Product Image
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Cliff's Bugger Barn - Fly Box

Finally a monster box to handle a boat load of large files (streamers, poppers, saltwater patterns). The BuggerBarn has major capacity, but what makes the box is the unique material. The slots cut into the material really grip a hook. To load, simply back the hook into a slot and it is held securely. To remove, just back the hook out. No rips or tears like regular "foam". Fish it hard because it loves abuse. (inside dimensions 8 3/4" X 4 3/8" X 1 3/8")

Price: $26.95 

Tip Mesh Wallet by Rio - Product Image
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Tip Mesh Wallet by Rio

Completely aerated for storing Tips.

RIO's Shooting Head Wallet (size small for tips)  is the ideal case for organizing and securing your shooting heads and sink tips while on the go. A mesh design allow contents to dry quickly.

Price: $24.95 

OPST Shank Chuck Tool - Product Image
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OPST Shank Chuck Tool

You have seen it (or a prototype of it) in our fly tying videos. You have called and emailed and asked about it. And now it's (almost) here: the OPST Shank Chuck Tool. It took us a long time to dial this one in. The challenge was first, to make a tool that would fit with just about any vise on the planet. We succeeded. If this tool does not fit with your vise, we will refund your money. The second challenge was finding a tool that can both shanks and some tubes- by unscrewing the chuck housing, you can flip the inner chuck one way for shanks and the other way for tubes.

The shank will hold shanks down to our Micro Shanks, which are 0.90mm in diameter. Tube adaptor inner diameter: 2mm.

Price: $50.00 

Redington Rod, Reel, Line Combo, Five Weight Fly Rod - Product Image
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Redington Rod, Reel, Line Combo, Five Weight Fly Rod

Just add water. The all new TOPO combo comes complete with everything you need to fish: rod, reel, line, a tapered leader, flies, a fly box, extra spool of tippet, and a nipper. The convenient, packable size makes it an easy addition to your next outdoor adventure or the perfect starting kit for anglers just entering the sport.

  • All water, medium-fast action rod
  • Combo includes:
    • TOPO fly rod
    • CROSSWATER reel pre-spooled with RIO Mainstream® WF5F fly line with front loop
    • 9’ 5x tapered RIO® leader
    • Nippers
    • Six high floating, easy-to see foam dry flies packed in a custom Redington sealed fly box
    • An extra spool of RIO® tippet
    • Zippered carrying case
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • 1-year warranty
  • Flies included:
    • Olive Foam Caddis Size 14
    • Tan Bullet Hopper Size 10
    • Hi-Vis Foam Ant Size 16
    • Hi-Vis Foam Beetle Size 12
    • Foam Adams Mayfly Size 14
    • Foam BWO Mayfly Size 16
    • FREE SHIPPING in the USA

Price: $219.95 

Trout fly collection of 12 flies - Product Image
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Trout fly collection of 12 flies

A quality trout fly collection of 12 flies, plus the option of a Lawson fly Box (in photo), or 6 Equal Compartment Fly Box (click here) .


3) Adam dry fly, size 14 (click here)

3) Elk Hair Caddis Orange dry fly, size 12 (click here)

3) Carey Special Peacock wet fly, size 8 (click here)

3) Prince Bead Nymph, wet fly, size 12 (click here)

Option: Lawson/Grabflies Fly Box (click here)


Price: $29.95 
Fly Box Option  

Dry and Wet Fly Mix, Two Dozen Fly Pack - Product Image
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Dry and Wet Fly Mix, Two Dozen Fly Pack

If you are just starting out and learning about fly fishing. This is a nice combination of flies to start with.
Price: $19.95 

REMIX 4 HD Reel 3-PACK - Product Image
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The REMIX 4 HD Reel 3-PACK (Reel and 2 Spools) reel by Waterworks Lamson (reel $249.95 + (2 extra spools at 60.95=$121.9) Total: $371.85 (now on sale for $219.95, Save $151.9) is the "Heavy Duty" version of the Remix. This reel has a full-cage design to capture line without failure. This is a great option for an entry-level Switch, Spey, boat or all around heavier duty reel.

A fusion between the free-form structures of a cast spool and the mechanical integrity of a CNC-machined case, Remix is a hybrid. The case, CNC-machined here in the U.S. from 6061 bar-stock aluminum, delivers maximum structural rigidity and durability all wrapped in a harder, brighter finish. The spool, compatible with the Liquid's, is pressure cast with radiused compound curves, near zero-radius inside corners and a precise fit and finish. It has a U-shape arbor and narrow format to aid in line control. Remix brings together the best of CNC machining and pressure-cast technologies to deliver an unprecedented level of quality for a bit more than $150. In addition to the US-made case, all critical drag components are CNC-machined here in the U.S. And like Liquid, Remix reels are assembled in Boise by our skilled and experienced team. The result of this Remix? High performance, reliability, quality assurance and sex appeal.

Format: Large Arbor, Full Frame

Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Case| Pressure Cast Aluminum Spool

Finish: Type II Anodize Case| Polyurethane Spool

Drag: Sealed Conical Drag

80% US Manufactured, 100% Idaho Built




REMIX 4 HD $219.95 $60.95

Remix HD Specifications








3.98 " 1.14 " 6.40 oz 7,8 WF 8 200 yds 20#
Remix 4 HD 4.79 " 1.37 " 8.29 oz 10,11 WF10 250 yds 30#

**Remix HD spools are interchangeable with standard Remix/Liquid spools.

One Remix 4 HD 3-Pack in stock

Sale Price: $219.95 Regular Price: $371.85  
You Save: $151.90

Flasha-Go-Round - Product Image
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Flash Carousel for Fly Tying - Grabflies uses this on it's fly tying station.

The Flasha-Go-Round is just the ticket for organizing your Krystal Flash, Flashabou and other synthetic tying materials. The revolving Flasha-Go-Round securely holds your tying materials in place and keeps your favorite materials just an arms length away, dramatically reducing the time required to find what you need. Use the Zip-Ties already attached to your tying material or attach one to the material for hanging on the Flasha-Go-Round. The rotating top enables you to spin to the color of choice, cut off what you need, and keep tying. The Flasha-Go-Round holds up to 18 items and is 9.5 inches tall with a diameter of 6 inches at the base.

Krystal Flash in the photo not included. By Wapsi

Free Shipping on Orders over $35.00 in the US,

Price: $28.95 

Wader Pack - Product Image
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Wader Pack

A great way to carry waders, wading boots and keep your car clean. Made out of rugged waterproof 600 denier coated Polyester with Nylon mesh (top ventilation) and zipper. Plus carrying straps.

Size: 16 x 16 x 8 inches


Price: $54.95 
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Washougal WA 98671