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Infinitii Quick Change Tip System
 This product is under re-design. Being tested now (11-7-2019). Coming out soon for 2020.

What is it? - a new faster way to change sink tips on a Skagit Fly Line.

Tips should be changed more often than a fisherman normally does. I don't personally change tips very often because I'm lazy and it takes time. So after two years of working I now have a solution. I've come out with this quick change system that works. For myself I can change tips 50% faster, plus there is an added benefit that I can leave my fly still attached to the tip if I want, so it is ready to use again when I need the tip on the next run.

The system has two parts to it, plus an adapter* if you want to use your existing double loop tips.

  • 1. The connector - it has a loop on it so you attach this to your fly line. The other end has a swivel and black rubber holder tube that makes the fly line and tip work as one.

  • 2. The tip has a welded in snap clip and O-ring stopper. The other end of the tip has a swivel that you tie your tippet to. (See Infinitii Swivel Tips - click here)

Also available is an adapter* connector - this allow you to use your existing double loop tips if you want to. I don't recommend this as it just adds more bulk but it works great. - Jeff Layton

Photo examples and video below:

Infinitii Quick Change Tip

Copyright, 06-26-2018 | Patent Pending


Clip-On Ripple Foam Fly Patch w/ Velcro  - Product Image
Click for larger image

Clip-On Ripple Foam Fly Patch w/ Velcro

Add a fly patch wherever you want one with this convenient ripple foam patch. Clip it to your vest, pack, shirt, or nearly anywhere.

Back of patch has Velcro for attaching to any Velcro patch on your vest, pack, wading jacket, etc.

Dimensions: 2 3/4" x 4"

"I use this with my Quick Fly Change System . I take off the old fly and let it and the tippet dangle while I attach new fly rig, then roll up old fly onto foam ring." Jeff Layton

Sale Price: $4.95 Regular Price: $9.95  
You Save: $5.00

Fly Clips, Size 3 - Product Image
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Fly Clips, Size 3

RIO’S FLY CLIPS are ultra-fast, easy connection clips that allow anglers to change flies with extreme ease and speed, and prevents leaders and tippet sections getting too short.

Simply tie the appropriate sized clip on to the end of your leader and either twist or clip on your fly. Multiple sizes of clip ensure that there is a clip size suitable for the majority of fly sizes.

RIO recommends the Twist clips for larger streamers and Salmon/steelhead patterns, and the RIO Clip for smaller dries, nymphs and soft hackles.

10 per pack

This chart gives a guideline of approximate fly size for each clip size.

Rio Clip Size

Fly Size

Rio Twist Clip Size

Fly Size

Size 1


Size 1


Size 2


Size 2


Size 3


Size 3


Price: $3.99 

TDF Bead Head Miller's Electric Leech - Product Image
Click for larger image

TDF Bead Head Miller's Electric Leech

Tierra Del Fuego  Bead Head Miller's Electric Leech

Size: 4 

Design for big trout in Tierra Del Fuego but works great for big trout in almost all rivers and lakes. Also great for Steelhead.

Swing it, Strip it... 

Price: $3.49 
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