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The Intruder Fly Pattern - no that isn't correct. The Intruder Fly originally tied by Jerry French, and Ed Ward, was a concept pattern. The concept was to tie a large fly pattern with a small trailing hook. Before the Intruder, large flies were tied on large hooks. These hooks damaged the Steelhead for release - they were tied on large ott (1/0, 2/0 3/0…) hooks that were cutter hooks that kept slicing into the fish's mouth.

Second part of the concept was to tie a fly with two stations - a rear and forward station. This allowed a large fly to cast easier.

Since the 1990's this fly has continued to morph. The reason for this is in the word Intruder which refers to two things:

1. The fly concept that Jerry French and Ed Ward developed.

2. An Intruder is something that anadromous fish respond to - other small fish in their redds hanging around to eat their eggs.

Large flies tied in an Intruder Style can also represent food like squid and shrimp that steelhead and Salmon have foraged on in the ocean.

Intruder Flies for Steelhead, Salmon, and Sea Run Browns

What does an Intruder suggest or represent to a Steelhead?

Possible Responses:

  • Automatic Condition Feeding Response - representation of a squid, prawn or fish.
  • Curiosity Response – Large 3 to 6 inch Intruders are large animated attractors that instigate Steelhead, Salmon. And sea run Browns into striking.
  • Survival Competition Response – An Intruder may eat eggs, and the survival response is to remove they prey.
  • Territorial Competition Response – when Steelhead come into a holding area they often setup a territory. When an Intruder swings through their area and bite response is initiated.
  • Anger Response – an Intruder has disturbed the peace, a Steelhead’s space.

What to Look for in an Intruder:

1. Size (bigger is often better) This depends on water clarity and water temperature. Clear water = smaller; Cold water = larger.
2. Shape, profile and outline (what does the fly look like when it is wet and swinging through the current.
3. Color - Steelhead are color-conscious to the extreme.
4. Movement – does the fly have movement in the water, not the air.
5. Casting ability – can you cast the big Intruder. Big flies = big rods, and heavier sink tips. Or adjust your cast. You can Perry Poke Spey Cast a big Intruder if you are having trouble.
6. Durability – will they fly stand up to casting a fishing punishment.

Stinger-style Hybrid Intruder Flies


Take a look at Moal Leeches for Intruder Type Flies. Larger size Moal Leeches are Intruders, and their snaky movement profile move Steelhead to the take.

Top Winter Moal Leeches (Click Here) Also See All Steelhead and Salmon Flies (Click Here) 


Jeff Layton, Intruder Fly Caught Steelhead 

Jeff Layton, Winter Steelhead


Jason's Sputnik Tube Intruder, Blue - Product Image
Click for larger image

Jason's Sputnik Tube Intruder, Blue

The Sputnik Tube Intruder is a blend of traditional Intruder styling and European highlights. A fusion of natural and synthetic materials; Finn Raccoon, Arctic Fox, Ostrich, Predator Wrap and Marabou add to this flies swimming action. The Finn Raccoon wing is reminiscent of Scandi styles. Two stations similar to Intruders. A collar weight behind the front station helps to get the fly down. The Sputnik has great movement and a profile in the water that is irresistible to fish.

Price: $6.49 

MAKE IT RAINBOW, White - Product Image
Click for larger image


Plenty of rivers have multiple species of both anadromous and resident fish at the same time.   This makes for some amazing fishing, but also presents the issue of what pattern is the best pattern to use that has the greatest chance of a grab across all species. RIO's Make It Rainbow is that fly. This fly is a virtual steelhead magnet, while also grabbing the attention of large brown trout and rainbow trout at the same time. Got bull trout in the stream?   Try the white, which we promise they can’t resist.

Three in stock. 

Also See: White Mini Intruder Leech (Click Here)

Price: $5.69 

OM Tube, Black/Blue - Product Image
Click for larger image

OM Tube, Black/Blue

Ostrich and  Marabou Tube Fly.
The Ostrich on this tube fly is propped up by diamond braid ball and intruder prop hackle. Forward of the Ostrich is Marabou and Schlappen hackle. Flashabou and .25” Bead (Better for turbulence to move hackle and egg sucking leech attributes.

  • Fly is 3.25 – 3.5 inches long
  • Highlights of Lady Amherst
  • Hook (Interchangeable) comes with #1 SSW Owner Hook 

Price: $7.95 

Marabou Spey, Purple/Black - Product Image
Click for larger image

Marabou Spey, Purple/Black

Marabou Spey, a single stage Leech.

A non-weighted Marabou fly with lots of movement. The Marabou is propped up with a diamond braid ball with Prop hackle in front then followed by Marabou and then finished with Schlappen Hackle, Flashabou, and Micro Barred Voodoo Fibers. Trailing #2 Owner hook is held in place with hook junction tubing and red tinsel wrap for color and stiffness so it doesn’t foul when casting.


  • Great Summer and Fall Steelhead colors.
  • Size: 2.5 inches 
  • Easy to cast

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $5.49 

Black and Orange Intruder Tube - Product Image
Click for larger image

Black and Orange Intruder Tube

Black and Orange are proven Steelhead colors. Tied with a Orange cone, Orange Schlappen hackle, Black Marabou, Orange Grizzly Hackle, Flashabou.

Comes with junction tubing and hook.

Size: 2.75 - 3 inches

Select Hook Size Below. 

Custom tied, made in the USA


Price: $6.49 
Hook Size  

Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Olive - Product Image
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Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Olive

Sculpin Flies are great for Steelhead, trout from Alaska, Pacific Northwest and Great  Lakes.
Alaska sculpin baitfish is a key source of protein for resident rainbow trout, Dolly Varden char, steelhead, and pike in Alaska lakes and streams.
Jerry French has spent many seasons guiding in Alaska. It is during this time that he honed his trout fishing skills.  The Alaskan trout are big, hungry meat eaters and are not shy about eating big flies. Jerry has designed his trout flies to lure the largest trout in the river. The WMD Sculpin is rigged with a size 4 AquaTalon hook.

Price: $6.75 

RMO Sculpin Intruder - Product Image
Click for larger image

RMO Sculpin Intruder

Grabflies RMO Sculpin Intruder tied with Rabbit (Brown), Marabou (Olive), and Ostrich (Olive) on a shank with trailing braid line to number 2 SSW Owner hook, thru hook holder tubing - Glow in the dark. 

Fly Size: 2.25 inches 

A Grabflies custom design. Sculpin are bait fish and found almost in all fresh water fisheries. Swinging Sculpin patterns are very popular in the Great Lakes for Steelhead and Alaska fishery, plus good for Trout and Bass...

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $6.49 

Heisenberg Pheasant Intruder Bug - Product Image
Click for larger image

Heisenberg Pheasant Intruder Bug

Heisenberg Pheasant Intruder Bug (two stages), another Grabflies rendition of the Heisenberg.

History: This Fly, and others were named after either Werner Karl Heisenberg (1901 – 1976) was a German theoretical physicist, or Martin Heisenberg inventor of the fly collar.

The Pheasant tail wing has good movement and a natural bug presence. Mix that with some blue and Steelhead just got real interested. 

Non-weighted Fly 

Size: 1.75 inches

Hook: Size 2 Owner - no escape barbless hook, connected to shank with Glow in the dark green junction tubing. 

GP Pheasant Tippet, rear stage, forward stage has Pheasant under hackle collar, Pheasant tail feather over wing collar, and Guinea collar finish, plus Holographic Flashabou.

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $6.95 

Gamboa's Halo Prawn Chartreuse - Product Image
Click for larger image

Gamboa's Halo Prawn Chartreuse

Dennis Gamboa is a talented fly tier from British Columba. Whether he is tying steelhead flies, trout flies or saltwater flies, Dennis has the talent to create some very fishy patterns. The Halo Prawn is Dennis' first submission. The Halo Prawn has a translucent appearance to mimic a prawn in saltwater. Dennis uses Slush Jelly Chenille to give the fly this translucent look. Halo Eyes give the fly some realism and speckled marabou creates some movement. Tied on a 33mm shank and rigged with the Ultra Rig and a size 2 hook.
Price: $6.25 

RIO's Hare Snare Chartreuse/Pink - Product Image
Click for larger image

RIO's Hare Snare Chartreuse/Pink

When fly fishing for Coho look for backwater with slow current, particularly in Alaska . Cast RIO's Hare Snare into the mix, let it sink into the zone, then retrieve the fly so it jigs up and down on the way back to you -  Don't overlook this fly for winter steelhead or for the big boys in Tierra Del Fuego.

Size 1 hook 

Price: $4.79 

Egg Sucking Bling Rabbit Zonker Leech Tube - Product Image
Click for larger image

Egg Sucking Bling Rabbit Zonker Leech Tube

A Grablies Tie - Egg Sucking Bling Rabbit Zonker Leech Tube. Zonker meaning Rabbit Bling strip is attached at the head and tail of the tube to help prevent hook- foiling, and casts farther.

A good Fall and Winter Steelhead and Salmon Fly. Fly is lightly weighted under the egg sack dubbing head.

Fly is 2.25 - 2.5 inches from head to end of wing. Easy to cast.

A good Great Lakes Steelhead and Salmon Fly. Also works good in PNW, and upper tributaries of British Columbia.

Select Hook Below for tube.

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $4.50 

Muskegon Leech - Product Image
Click for larger image

Muskegon Leech

Grabflies Muskegon Leech inspired for the Muskegon River, Michigan. A good bait fish pattern.

Fly is three inches long. Tied like a Moal Leech for movement. Three colors of rabbit - Olive, Yellow, Tan. Mallard Collar with Olive dubbing head and Barbell eyes.

Fly is good for Greak Lakes Steelhead, Migratory Brown Trout, Native Brown Trout, Tierra del Fuego, Lake trout, Big Hungry Rainbow trout, Bass...

Hook: Size 2 SSW Owner 

Hook Holder tubing allows hook to be positioned, rotated.

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $6.25 

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