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Single Hand Fly Casting Lesson

Single Hand Fly Casting Lesson (more info click here)

Two hours

Price: $80.00 
Select Lesson (to give an idea of skill level)  


Double Hand Spey Casting Lesson

Double Hand Spey Casting (Fly Casting) Lesson (more info click here)

Two hours

Price: $80.00 
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Trout Single Hand Spey, Fly Casting Lesson

Trout Single Hand Spey, Fly Casting Lesson (more info click here)

Learn how to use Double Handed Spey Casts (Double Spey,Single Spey, Snap T, Snake Roll, Perry Poke...) and do these casts with your single hand rod. I can even demonstrate how to add a haul to your casts for more distance.

Lesson Length: Two hours

Price: $80.00 


Fly Casting Video Lesson

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advance intermediate caster. A great way to advance your casting skills is to watch a video of yourself casting. You can then upload your video to YouTube, Vimeo,, or social media and email the link back to grabflies, and I/Jeff Layton will review and email you screen shots of things I see that you can work on to improve your casting.

A customer/student emailed me his video, and I captured many frames and emailed back photos with remarks. Here is an example:

Screen capture from his video

I emailed him back with text remarks and still frame photos like this:

In my email I outlined ways to get the rod tip higher up on rod sweep up to the critical position before forward cast stroke, and better hand and arm triangle so it is closer to body, and this will also help prevent dropping the rod tip and get more power to the cast.

Price: $49.00 
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