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Winter Steelhead | Jeff Layton | Grabflies

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A Metaphor of Life - Rose Red Roses


A Metaphor of Life – Rose Red Roses

Two artists living centuries apart. One starts to think that he is the reincarnation of the other. Subtle communication occurs through dreams and psychic communication as the story examines reincarnation through a mental landscape of the subconscious.


A highly visual historical fiction story turning into magical realism. A novel about post-Impressionist painters, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, and Paul Gauguin.


Vincent van Gogh’s life and soul are intertwined with the fictional character Vance Vincente. The story depicts their lives and shifts from the physical to the metaphysical. Reincarnation becomes the theme.


Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

More about Jeff Layton and his books (Click Here)


The novel is written using three narratives. One is a visual setting of the stage like a film. Two is a narrative describing events and things not known in the story directly. Three is the character story.


A highly inventive story that uses metaphysical thoughts to discuss thoughts about life, death, and the divine.



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Terra Razor Shear Scissors, 4" - Product Image
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Terra Razor Shear Scissors, 4"

Terra Razor Shear Scissors, 4" by Wapsi, Adjustable blade tension.

German Made Razor Shears Adjustable Tension - Excellent Value, 

Price: $15.95 

Alec Jackson Crystal North Country Trout Hook - Product Image
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Alec Jackson Crystal North Country Trout Hook

High Carbon Steel, 2x Short,Needle Point, Mini Barb, Chemically Sharpened.
Uses: All Soft hackles, Midges, Spiders and Variants.
Quantity: 25 

Sale Price: $6.99 Regular Price: $8.99  
You Save: $2.00
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RIO Basic Trout Fly Assortment - Product Image
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RIO Basic Trout Fly Assortment

The RIO Basic Trout Fly Assortment assembles 7 of the most effective fly patterns for those just starting their trout-on-the-fly journey or any fly pros needing to add some proven punch to their fly box. Included dry flies represent a mayfly, stonefly/hopper, and caddis. Tie on the soft hackle to imitate an emerging mayfly or caddis. Bead-head nymphs target trout feeding on common insects below the surface. Appeal to larger appetites using the bead-head bugger mimicking a minnow or leech.

  • Ideal for fly-fishing novices and pros
  • Proven fish-catching punch for your fly box
  • Includes 7 of the most effective fly patterns

RIO Basic Trout Fly Assortment includes:

  • BH Woolly Bugger – Peacock, size 10
  • Chubby Chernobyl – Purple, size 12
  • CJ – Red, size 16
  • Elk Hair Caddis – Tan, size 16
  • Parachute Adams – Calf, size 16
  • Partridge Soft Hackle – Pheasant, size 16
  • Prince Bead – Peacock, size 14

Price: $16.95 

Soft Hackle Hare's Ear, Light Olive - Product Image
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Soft Hackle Hare's Ear, Light Olive

Iconic Pattern that is very “buggy” and imitates many food sources found in many waters.
Swing this fly, nymph this fly = WORKS 
Great for: Trout - Browns, Rainbows, Small Mouth Bass, Great lakes Steelhead...

Tail: Body: Hares Ear Fur
Gold Tinsel ribbing
Peacock Thorax
Partridge hackle
Red Thread
Hook: Daiichi 1760 Size 6 Nymph/Wet Fly Hook, Short Shank (like a size 8, 10) Short hook, strong enough to land a 20 lb fish on.
8 Flies in Stock 

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $2.95 


I am But a Dream

I am but a Dream
Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

More about Jeff Layton and his books (Click Here)

This is Jeff Layton's second book. This book continues his use of metaphors, and magical realism, as he did in "A Metaphor of Life - Rose Red Roses," to describe a landscape of dreaming in dreams. There are two protagonists, one from this world and another from a world close by in themultiverse.

These lucid dreamers discover we all live in a dream. The difference is that some of us are aware of that, while the others are asleep. The two main characters, Bodi and Debra, join together to ascend to the second-highest dimension in consciousness and then work their way down to the fourth dimension, where they continue as time travelers.

Book Quotes:

"The third point is Multiverse. We all live in a multiverse. Our existence is but a dream. I'm not sure how this all came about, the splitting of universes within themselves. It has to do with perception..."

Book Quotes:

"They descend into the seventh level of dimensional consciousness. It is a world. A perfect-looking world. A Garden of Eden. Topography of rolling hills and terraced mountains. Fields of purple, red, pink, and a sky of blue. The seventh level is a place where Buddha goes on vacation..."

"A circle chorus of primal drums begins beating and lays the foundations for the universal heartbeat of spirit and planet earth to sing. Lightning crackles with loud percussion, and brilliant flashes of electrons explode with god-like fire. The consciousness of creation has been laid upon the universe through charged particles and elemental chemistry bonds..."

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The Multiverse Connection

The Multiverse Connection

For soul seekers wanting some quantum mysticism, action, and adventure.

The Story centers around the character Elias Balaskas, a graduate student who becomes a graduate of Stanford. Elias works with Ph.D. Jerry Russelford in Jerry's lab. He conducts experiments with a Brain Wave Consciousness Device that Jerry, Elias, and their team invented. Elias has a special gift, and Jerry is driven to create tools to manipulate consciousness as the vehicle to travel into inner space and document the dimensions of the multiverse.

Elias, Jerry, and other lab assistants discover a parallel universe that allows Elias to navigate in time, going back in the past. The department of defense becomes involved in Jerry's lab as the parallel universe time travel research findings raise this to a high threat level of national security interests.

Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

More about Jeff Layton and his books (Click Here)

Elias's mind consciousness evolves through repeated trips into the multiverse, and he becomes the key to how consciousness and the multiverse are linked. Through Quantum Physics, and how the smallest, micro, which is made up of energy and information, creates the larger, the macro. Elias believes that he can transmigrate to the multiverse using his faculties. He has one big unanswered question, and he seeks out a Sensei in the multiverse to guide him.

While Elias is trying to learn and figure out the nature of reality and where science and spiritualism meet, the Russians are on the hunt to steal this information and stop this unfolding of purpose through all available means.


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Dr. Slick 4" Ceramic Bobbin - Product Image
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Dr. Slick 4" Ceramic Bobbin

Bobbins are the critical tool in tying since they must keep smooth tension on the thread spool and have super smooth inserts to apply the thread to your fly. To this end, we have created three series of bobbins that handle these tasks with ease. All have delrin feet for smooth tension on the thread spool, and have either dual glass, ceramic or titanium oxide inserts for smooth application of thread to fly. These funnel shaped inserts allow for a smoother application of thread or other materials as the bobbin is rotated, and they cause less breakage than traditional pipe or straight edged inserts.


  • Stainless Steel & Brass Finish
  • Dual Glass, Ceramic or Titanium Inserts
  • Delrin Feet


Price: $14.95 

Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Olive - Product Image
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Jerry's WMD Sculpin, Olive

Sculpin Flies are great for Steelhead, trout from Alaska, Pacific Northwest and Great  Lakes.
Alaska sculpin baitfish is a key source of protein for resident rainbow trout, Dolly Varden char, steelhead, and pike in Alaska lakes and streams.
Jerry French has spent many seasons guiding in Alaska. It is during this time that he honed his trout fishing skills.  The Alaskan trout are big, hungry meat eaters and are not shy about eating big flies. Jerry has designed his trout flies to lure the largest trout in the river. The WMD Sculpin is rigged with a size 4 AquaTalon hook.

Price: $6.75 
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