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Infinitii Swivel Sink Tips

Made by Grabflies (Click Here)

Shooting Line, Running Line for Spey Lines, Skagit Lines
The best Mono Shooting/Running line...


Evo Bunny - Product Image
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Evo Bunny

Evo Bunny, new for 2018, updated 2019. Tied on a Senyos Articulated Shank, 25mm, Black

A non-weighted, easy to cast Steelhead fly with lots of action.

Tied with a trailing egg. This fly has lots of movement with a free moving Rabbit wing.

Size 2 Owner SSW hook tied with 20 lb mono doubled over.

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Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $5.75 

Bling Rabbit Strips - Product Image
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Bling Rabbit Strips

Bling Rabbit Strips 1/8" - New For 2020

Bling Rabbit Strips add a new dimension to the current Hareline Rabbit Strip line up.

By adding solid and holographic accent colors to the hide these rabbit strips have added color and rigidity to prevent the hide from fouling or wraping around the hook while casting. The solid and holographic color colors added to the hide make these Bling Rabbit the best looking Rabbit Strips available. Streamer patterns of all types will be enhance greatly.

Each package of 1/8inch Bling Rabbit Strips contains 3 Strips of dyed rabbit.


Price: $4.95 

Jason's Sputnik Tube Intruder, Blue - Product Image
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Jason's Sputnik Tube Intruder, Blue

The Sputnik Tube Intruder is a blend of traditional Intruder styling and European highlights. A fusion of natural and synthetic materials; Finn Raccoon, Arctic Fox, Ostrich, Predator Wrap and Marabou add to this flies swimming action. The Finn Raccoon wing is reminiscent of Scandi styles. Two stations similar to Intruders. A collar weight behind the front station helps to get the fly down. The Sputnik has great movement and a profile in the water that is irresistible to fish.


Price: $6.25 

Bunny's Bunny Swimmer, Black/Blue/Chartreuse - Product Image
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Bunny's Bunny Swimmer, Black/Blue/Chartreuse

• Hand cut strips from premium rabbit hides, and triangle tapered for
maximum movement
• 6mm hight quality brass bead on tube
• Nutria for an underwing support
• Spey marabou from fish hunter, the best!
• Ahrex homerun tube hook size 2
Just an easy casting pattern that offers tons of movement in the water. not all rabbit is
created equal, and you’ll see the movement in these when they are in the water. the nutria hair
against the bead provides an awesome profile while minimizing any bulk. i blend the angel hair
with it to get a nice hotspot and also good movement. Give one a try, I think you’ll love it!
Size: 3 inches, easy to cast for a rabbit wing this long, Lots of Movement!
Custom tied by Alex Belonga, Straits on the Fly
Made in the USA 

Price: $8.25 

Magnetic Clip by Grabflies - Product Image
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Magnetic Clip by Grabflies

A custom made magnetic clip for flies, clippers, pliers, whatever you need for a temporary hold. Made by Jeff Layton, USA.

Just clip it on. Two versions, single magnet or double.

Examples of magnetic clip on fishing jacket or vest.

Examples of magnetic clip on fishing jacket or vest.

Price: $4.95 
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