Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Rabbit Fur Skating Poppers
DRAGON GURGLER Natural, size 4 - Product Image
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DRAGON GURGLER Natural, size 4

A very good skating and popular pattern for fishing for  Steelhead on the surface.


Price: $4.49 

Hoody's Hanger Blue - Product Image
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Hoody's Hanger Blue

With many years of intense searching for these anadromous business partners, I have found tying my skaters on a 60° hook has had the most success. The fly skates, pops and gurgles, making it hard for fish to resist. The Hanger is easy to cast and will pop well due to the tail end of the fly being weighed down by the hook. This keeps the legs down and the foam up for that iconic pop. Greatest of all are most of the fish hooked on the 60° jig hook are landed. Black and blue for those early morning dawn patrols and over cast days, orange for bright fish, and white for that 12 O’clock lunch fish when everyone’s taking a nap.
Price: $5.29 
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