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Shooting/Running Line
GrabFlies T-Line, Shooting/Running Line - Product Image
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GrabFlies T-Line, Shooting/Running Line

A GREAT Mono running/shooting line. Custom cut by Grabflies with loops added to both ends. Comparable to OPST Lazar Running Line

"This is the best running line I've ever used and shoots farther that Lazer line, plus holds up and doesn't tangle with twists" Jeff Layton

  • Lightening Fast - shoots like a bullet
  • Super strong – Incredible strength for confidence and control
  • Shock resistant – Controlled stretch adds fighting power
  • Extra tough and abrasion resistant –Tough against rough or sharp objects
  • Diameter: .024" | .61 mm (40 lb)
  • Three sizes: 20 lb, 30 lb, 40 lb (I use the 30 lb myself - Jeff Layton, same diamter as 40 lb OPST Lazer)
  • Loops are long enough to loop around fly reel for quick loop to loop connection with your flyline.
  • Loop tied using double surgeon knot and glued using:
    UV Knot Sense
  • Length: 125 ft | 20 lb = 150 ft

Price: $19.95 

Grabflies Super Slick Running Line - Product Image
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Grabflies Super Slick Running Line

A super Slick Fluorocarbon running/shooting line with with little to no memory and extremely low coefficient of friction for long distance casts.

  • Material: Fluorocarbo
  • Buoyancy Characteristic: Floating Line
  • Strength: 40 lb
  • Thickness: .02
  • Color: Chartreuse
  • Length: 150 Foot
  • This line really shoots. It is slick and the diameter very small for its strength. It is not recommended for direct loop to loop connection for Spey/Skagit lines seven weight or greater.

    It is recommended HIGHLY for use withGrabflies Spey Swivel Shooting Handle - (click here)

    Price: $18.95 

    Infinitii Spey Swivel - Product Image
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    Infinitii Spey Swivel

    Infinitii Spey Swivel custom made by Grabflies, attaches (via loop-to-loop connections) between the shooting line and shooting head and eliminates twists and kinks often caused by spey casting.

    The difference between Grabflies "Infinitii Spey Swivel" and others on the market is that the loops are flyline welded to the best quality swivel (breaking strength 78 lb) on the market. The Flyline has a breaking strength of 30 lb, then doubled over, for an approximate strength of 50 lb.

    I held off on making these as my first experience with Spey swivels was a hinging effect occurred during the D Loop, but with the doubled over flyline welded onto the swivels this isn't a problem. Since I use my Infinitii Swivel Tips I didn't need these for my fly presentation. What I found is that my Infinitii Spey Swivel can help your cast fly straighter as twists in the flyline are allowed to unwind, thus removing torque. Plus the bonus factor of helping your mono running line not get as many twists or kinks.

    Size - Length: 6 inches

    Price: $15.95 

    Rio Powerflex Max Shooting Line - Product Image
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    Rio Powerflex Max Shooting Line

    RIO's Powerflex Max Shooting Line is an excellent shooting line for anglers using Skagit or Scandi style shooting heads. It features an extremely tough outer coating, over a medium stiff Powerflex core that shoots with unbelievable ease for ultra long casts, ah greatly increased durability and ensures tangle-free performance, cast after cast. The line's ultra-slick coating floats high on the surface, allowing for reduced drag and making it easy to shoot. Bullet proof welded loops on each end make it fast and easy to rig, white the front loop is large enough to pass an entire shooting head coil through, for maximum speed efficiency when rigging.

    Length: 100 ft

    .024", orange, 25lb core - good for heads between 200-450gr
    .030", chartreuse, 25lb core - good for heads between 450-575gr
    .035", blue, 30lb core - good for heads between 575-675gr
    .040", yellow, 35lb core - good for heads over 675gr



    Sale Price: $39.99 Regular Price: $49.99  
    You Save: $10.00

    Wonder Cloth by Rio - Product Image
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    Wonder Cloth by Rio

    A fly line gets dirty like anything else, and should be cleaned every few trips. Rio's new Wonder Cloth is a micro abrasive cleaning pad that strips out the deep-lying dirt without roughing the fly line.

    4 pads per pack

    Price: $4.95 

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