Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Steelhead Flies offers thousands of the highest quality Steelhead flies available from custom tied flies by Jeff Layton, and Fish Magnet Flies. To the best commercial ties by AquaFlies, and FishMadMan.
Steelhead fly design has changed drastically in the past ten years. Grabflies has the newest and greatest flies for Steelhead and Salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia - BC fishery, and the Great Lakes. Maximize your chances of catching fish with better flies.
I have been ask this question many times - if you could only choose one fly to fish for Steelhead with, what would it be? Answer Moal Leeches.


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Winter Steelhead Flies (Click Here) - Think big, large profile, lots of movement (a fly that will motivate a steelhead to move in cold water). Other than that summer steelhead flies can work in the winter, and winter steelhead flies can work in the summer. I use Moal leeches all year round with excellent results. An exception to the above would be for very clear low water in the winter, then think small bright and flashy.

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