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Customs Flies Tied by Alex Belonga


Alex Belonga with a Chrome Chinook, King Salmon caught on his Snowrunner Fly. 



Alex Belonga with a Chrome Chinook, King Salmon caught on his Snowrunner Fly

King Predator Tube - Product Image
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King Predator Tube

•UV enhanced Snowrunner hair
•Custom 6mm bead for prop and keel weight
•blended fox, flash, & Snowrunner for throat
•reversed tied tab eyes sealed twice and locked in
•layered angel hair
•holographic flash
•Ahrex Bluewater 2/0 short shank (perfect for tubes!)

 (Three in Stock) 

Coming in at around 5 - 6" (give or take), this is one serious fly! For its size, it is very very castable on a Skagit rig for swinging up trophy Chinook, and super simple to cast single handed for Tarpon. The eyes are indestructible as well, and won’t come off from casting or hitting bottom. I swing this fly on my Chinook Spey rods, and also strip it with single hand rods for Pike & Musky. 

 Every June I head to the Skeena River in hopes of a 60lb Chinook. My box is limited to just these flies and the Snowrunner brush tubes.  I have been obsessed with Chinook since I was a kid watching boats troll for them on the Straits of Mackinac where I grew up, and I suppose I haven’t changed. Once I discovered swinging flies for Steelhead and Salmon, my obsession only grew to epic proportions! The hunt for the perfect King Salmon Fly!!!! (If there is such a thing!) Anyway, after much discussion with Jaap Kalkman from Smithers BC, I’ve tweaked his pattern slightly......for all intents and purpose it’s his design.

Chinook salmon spend their entire mature life feeding on baitfish, primarily pacific herring. These Snowrunner patterns are perfect and absolutely come to life in the water.....seriously, you have to see it with your own eyes! 

This is my go to pattern if I believe I have a chance at 40lb, 50lb, and even 60lb Chinook! (Think Skeena River, Kalum River, Kanektok, or South America)  The fish will absolutely slam these patterns, and I believe, for Chinook salmon,  they outperform intruders. I use an Ahrex Bluewater 2/0 short shank hook on these. They are perfect for large tubes and simply will not bend out. When going for these trophy fish I think it’s imperative to land them in a timely manner and you’ll need to put the heat to them! 

Conversely, these perform as awesome Tarpon patterns, and this style of Snowrunner pattern has caught some massive Tarpon when tested! The hair itself is as durable as it comes and really easy to cast. I leave the tube long so you can decide where to cut it and how you want to rig it. 

For King Salmon, I like to get the tube a little and run a ‘free swing junction’ connection. I think it holds fish the best, and really makes a difference where barbless hooks must be fished. 

The price point of these is extremely fair for what you are getting, and these flies will last you fish after fish! Try one out, I think you’ll be surprised. 

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