Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Winter Steelhead Flies

for Washington, Oregon, Northern California, British Columbia, Great Lakes Steelhead

Think big, large profile, lots of movement (a fly that will motivate a Steelhead to move in cold water). Other than that summer steelhead flies can work in the winter, and winter steelhead flies can work in the summer. I use Moal leeches all year round with excellent results. An exception to the above would be for very clear low water in the winter, then think small bright and flashy. Large Intruder Flies get the job done.

Here is an article slideshow about Winter Steelhead fishing in the Pacific Northwest that Grabflies, Jeff Layton wrote:

Winter Steelhead, Jeff Layton
Jeff Layton | Grabflies, with a large Winter Steelhead

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Run Off Leech - Product Image
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Run Off Leech

A Grabflies original custom tie. Design for the Great Lakes but good for Steelhead and Browns anytime where you like to use nature colors that get highlighted for higher and off color water and/or winter conditions.

Fly is tied like a Moal Leech with Brown Rabbit, Brown Pheasant collar + Flashabou and Dubbing. 

Fly is 2.5 - 3 inches long

Hook: Size 2 SSW Owner Hook

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $4.50 

Grapefruit Leech - Product Image
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Grapefruit Leech

Grapefruit Leech, Original design by Kevin Feenstra for the Muskegon River. This is Graflies' adaptation/version.

Designed for the Great Lakes Winter Steelhead Fishery, but works in the PNW also.
This version has purple Rabbit strip wing tail, purple under prop, black Marabou, large purple Mallard collar, three colors of flashabou, pink dub around eyes, chartreuse head dress.
Tied on a shank - one inch, with braid line running through hook holder tubing wrapped with purple tinsel. No hook fouling but still flexible for fighting a fish and casting.
Fly is 2.5 - 3 inches long
Size: 2 Owner Barbless, No Escape Hook 

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $7.49 

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