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Airflo Skagit Compact Intermediate - Product Image
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Airflo Skagit Compact Intermediate

The Airflo Skagit Intermediate is a new concept in Skagit casting that will change the game of swinging flies for anadromous fish. By building a line with a short floating rear section coupled with an intermediate body, we took the ease of casting a Skagit head and combined it with the effectiveness of an intermediate Scandi. Although we designed it originally for steelhead anglers in the Great Lakes, it's quickly becoming a viable tool for West Coast steelhead and salmon, and Atlantic salmon fishing worldwide.

I use this line in the winter when the water is high and the surface water is fast - this line slows the swing down as it allows the link to get below the river's surface turbulence. It also allows your tip to get down deeper. - Jeff Layton

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