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A Grablies original - a cross between a Bugger Leech and a Montana Nymph.

I like to swing flies - always have. Even when I trout fish, I would swing nymphs and or do a full swing with a mend when the fly was a cross from me.

When I was Twelve I read "The Trout Fisherman's Bible, by Ray Bergman" I practiced the full drift, long before indicators (which I don't use). What I'm getting at - fishing this fly. It is a nymph over half of the drift, and then when I mend and it swings it is a Bugger then.
This fly is good for Steelhead and large Trout. Great lakes Steelhead, and Browns, Pacific Northwest Steelhead, BC Steelhead, and Tierra del Fuego...

 Marabou tail, Ringneck Pheasant dyed Black Wing Case.
Tied on a AHREX NS110 Streamer Hook, Size 6 - very sharp, quality hook. 

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $4.00 
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