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Bulkley Skating Tube Mouse, Green Butt - Medium - Product Image
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Bulkley Skating Tube Mouse, Green Butt - Medium

The Bulkley Skating Mouse on tube a BC favourite steelhead skater. By FishMADMan

The Bulkley Skating Mouse, A pattern from the late 70`s. Originally designed by Mr. Collin
Shadrech, a top water aficionado, and guide on the Bulkley River... Here the Fishmadman version
done with the riffling hitch tube system. A modern wake fly that stays up high and pushes water...It
can be fished at an angle or may be pulled in a stop and go motion... A top pattern for steelhead

This a 35-millimetre version..or medium - Equivalent to a fly tied on a # 4 - 6 hook

Comes with hook.

riffling hitch system

Two ways to rig this fly:

1. Riffling hitch system - see image above

2. Tie on like regular tube fly - leader down tube, and tie on hook. Push hook up into tube.

Price: $4.95 
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