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Bunny's Bunny Swimmer, Orange/Black - Product Image
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Bunny's Bunny Swimmer, Orange/Black

Comes with hook: Ahrex Homerun tube hook size 2 
• Hand cut strips from premium rabbit hides, and triangle tapered for
maximum movement
• 6mm hight quality brass bead on tube
• Nutria for an underwing support
• Spey marabou from fish hunter, the best!
• Ahrex homerun tube hook size 2
Just an easy casting pattern that offers tons of movement in the water. not all rabbit is
created equal, and you’ll see the movement in these when they are in the water. the nutria hair
against the bead provides an awesome profile while minimizing any bulk. i blend the angel hair
with it to get a nice hotspot and also good movement. Give one a try, I think you’ll love it!
Size: 3 inches, easy to cast for a rabbit wing this long, Lots of Movement!
Custom tied by Alex Belonga, Straits on the Fly
Made in the USA 

Price: $8.25 
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671