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Caster's Squirmito - The Original Squiggly Worm Material - Product Image
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Caster's Squirmito - The Original Squiggly Worm Material

Squirmito- The Original Squiggly Worm Material. Use this revolutionary material to tie worm and other patterns and you will catch fish. Catch just about any species you want with this soft, silicone rubber material. Ultra chenille and vernille work pretty well for San Juan worms, eggi juan kenobis, and green weenies but this squiggly worm works better. Twitch your rod tip and this stuff jiggles to no end and it will drive the fish absolutely bonkers. Tip: It is a very tough material as far as stretch, but don't use most glues or adhesives... it will melt the stuff. Use a 210 denier, flat thread for the best results. Thin threads tend to cut through the material when securing on the hook. Also, don't leave them in your vehicle or boat sitting in the hot sun (it'll melt). 10 strands per pack that are roughly 5" long.

Features Include:
  • 10 strands per pack
  • Roughly 5" long
  • Silicone rubber material
  • Crazy jiggly!
  • For worm and other patterns
  • Colors: Red | Fl. Chartreuse - select below

Price: $4.60 
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