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Copper Bead Head Carey Bugger - Product Image
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Copper Bead Head Carey Bugger

The Carey is by far one of the most popular lake fishing patterns in British Columbia. It is an exceptional trolling fly, and a great searching pattern.

Swing this fly, Still water/lake fish this fly. It works. An attractor variation of the Carey Special. 

Size 6 hook

Tied with Marabou Tail, and Pheasant Collar. 

The Carey Special traces its roots back to 1920 when Colonel Tom Carey and Dr. Lloyd Day collaborated on a pattern originally called the Monkey Faced Louise or Dredge. Their design featured a dense pheasant rump hackle and a dubbed fur body from a dead marmot Dr. Day had found on his drive to rendezvous with Colonel Carey for a fishing trip. Since this initial prototype, the Carey Special has undergone many mutations. Still, the fly’s core remains the same: a pheasant rump tail and hackle, coupled with a body using a variety of materials.

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $3.25 
Established in 2009
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