Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Double Egg MOAL Rhoid, Black - Product Image
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Double Egg MOAL Rhoid, Black

These are small Moal Leeches with trailing eggs, now tied custom using UV2 Eggs

Custom Tied Now by Grabflies

A great fly for any Alaska - fishing for rainbows, chinook, coho or sockeye. This fly is also a great coastal winter steelhead fly, particularly in small streams.

Good Summer Steelhead Leech Pattern as well as for Sea Run Cutthroat Trout, and Dollies.

Size 2 hook - 3" long

Custom tied, made in the USA


Price: $4.25 
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671