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Evo Bunny Supreme 2 - Product Image
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Evo Bunny Supreme 2

The Evo Bunny Supreme 2 is weighted enough to get the rabbit down - swims great. The fly is tied with weighted wire (.025 - .030). This is used to create an enlarged body that helps keep the rabbit wing swimming higher and off the hook to help prevent fouling - see photo. I've been working a long time playing with methods to do this. Here it is!

Size: 2 - 2.5 inches


  • Owner SSW #2 Hook
  • Plastic 5mm UV Egg
  • 60 lb braid line (Supreme 2 uses braid line and tubing with flash tinsel glued over, this keep to hook align but still flexible. Hook can be turned in tubing.)
  • Small Hool Holder Tubing
  • Shank
  • Lady Amherst Center tail


Custom tied, made in the USA

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Price: $6.95 
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