Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Fish Magnet Articulated Series - Product Image
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Fish Magnet Articulated Series

As the name implies, these flies are jointed in the middle with the mono hook line running to the front of the fly and acting like as a joint between the front and back half. These are expensive and time consuming as I am literally tying two flies. 
They are weighted with a small bead mid ship to avoid bead grabs. Also aids in not getting stuck under a rock.
These have MAXIMUM movement and my new go to fly on coastal rivers in the winter. Easy to cast  with a Skagit setup. 1/2 Rhea tie.
  • Black/pink with pink flash - 5" long and maximum visibility in dark or dirty water.
  • Purple/Pink with pink flash rear and purple flash front- 5" long. great color for glacial stained rivers and dark or dirty water. My best producer lately on coastal rivers. Most recently a 21# hen and a 15# chrome hen.
  • Methow Black/Green with blue flash- 4". morning and evening fly on cold clear rivers or use with confidence all day or switch to the Methow in full light. Also effective when glacial rivers get clear.

Picture is a 39" 21# hen. I got a quick lift and snap picture on a river that allows it. Released quickly and unharmed after an epic 150 yard sustained run! Caught on a purple/pink. Grip n Mit used for easy grip to prevent struggling, dropping, or squeezing too hard. Made from no harm net material from Grabflies.
made in the USA

Price:   $15.00 
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