Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Fish Magnet Single Shank Winter Flies - Product Image
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Fish Magnet Single Shank Winter Flies

My most versatile winter fly.
Tied on a long heavy streamer shank with a hidden small bead. These are all tied at 4" and perfect in most conditions except for extreme dark, or dirty water. They don't move quite as well as the articulated flies but the full length materials, especially the grizzly hackle are very squid like and has been proven over and over again by me and all of team Grabflies with the Grabflies Skagit leach. This is my version of that fly with Rhea and longer and more Grizzly tentacles.

  • Purple/pink- glacial, stained to green water. Great fly. Fish below was caught on this fly in lower B.C. 3/1/17. In green water 4' visibility.
  • Black/pink- dark dirty water to green or even clear water but really shines in water that requires a full sillouette on coastal water. This fly is Chrome in the bank!

This 35" Chromer savagely grabbed a purple/ pink with 4' visibility in green water. Wild fish are a treasure!
made in the USA

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