Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Fish Magnet Summer Series, Klickitat Sunrise  - Product Image
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Fish Magnet Summer Series, Klickitat Sunrise

These flies are for early summer through fall and are a smaller version of my Fall flies. These flies run about 2.5 inches. The Body colors are peekaboo and come in and out of view as the fly undulates in the water currents. When these flies hit slow water they open up and get very squidy or spidery that fish really seem to dig. This last year or so I have really been targeting the slower water next to a faster seam and the Fish Magnet Flies have evolved to target these fish. I also like the looks of these in faster head of run water because not only do they move well in it but lift out of the water to set your anchor and cast well.

As they are smaller with less materials, they are also cheaper. I still use as much full length ostrich hurl , marabou, and grizzly hackle that I can to maximize movement. These flies are tied on a heavy streamer shank and are heavy enough without additional weight to sink at about a type 3 to 5 rate, so are perfect for lighter setups as well.

I offer three different color combinations and are about the only colors I ever use.

Klickitat Sunrise Purple/Red- Name coined by Jeff here at Grablies for its incredible effectiveness on the Klickitat River. This color combo is my first choice starting as early as June and extremely effective through late fall for Steelhead and King Salmon. For some reason, hatchery steelhead really key in on this color as well on heavily fished rivers all over the West Coast.

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