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Fish Tailing Mitt by Grabflies - Product Image
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Fish Tailing Mitt by Grabflies

Fish Tailing Mitt, Tailing Glove - custom made by Layton (made in the USA)

Made in the USA 

Ready to strap onto your wading belt, waist pack... Also see Fish Tailing Mitt Tote (CLICK HERE)

Comes with snap clamp, strong elastic coil (One end is 304 stainless steel split ring, and the other end is the zinc alloy lobster clip) that stretches out to 59 inches. Mitt stays open for easy entry when fighting your fish. You can watch my videos and see this is what Grabflies has been using for years.

After years of being out of stock. I bought a new sewing machine and I’m (Jeff Layton) now making these again out of popular demand.


  • Easier to get on – very important when fighting a fish
  • This is actual netting – catch and release soft net material
  • Better grip, with less force. Does not harm fish. 


Slip your hand into fingerless mitten to tail your fish. Gives you the grip you need. Strap onto wader belt or hip packs for easy removal.

 Fish netting is woven soft white nylon, no knots. Large mesh reduces water resistance and tangling. This netting is frequently used in catch and release nets.



Made by a fisherman for fishermen

Price: $24.95 
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671