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Flo Tips - Product Image
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Flo Tips

Designed for a smooth transition with dig. 2.5ft of intermediate material and 7.5ft of T-sink smooths out the cast and keeps you in the zone longer. Looped at both ends for easy transitions.

  • Easier to cast
  • Good loops
  • Dial in the correct tip for where the fish are holding

Additional Information

Tips are 10 ft long

Product Use:
Specialist Sinking Tip for Steelhead
Line Size:
T7, T10, T14 & T18
Ultra Fast Sink
Core Material:
Power Core
Hi Density Polyurethane
Loop Type:
Micro Loop Both Ends with Color Marker At Butt
Optimum Temperature Range:
23F to 78.8F

T-7 (white, 7ips)

T-10 (Orange, 8ips)

T-14 (Brown, 9ips)

T-18 (Black, 10ips)

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