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Fly Fishing Chest Vest Pack - Product Image
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Fly Fishing Chest Vest Pack

Fly Fishing Chest Vest Pack – Custom made in the USA by Jeff Layton.
I design this Chest Vest for myself originally for use  in the summer when it is to warm for me to wear a fishing jacket, or when I want to go extra light. With my hip back I don’t need to carry much on my check. I need extra flies, tippet materials, Snipper, Pliers, sometimes a cellphone.
  • I also had in mind warm water single hand fishing 
This Chest Vest goes on super quick and is thin – very important for Spey Casting with your arms crossing your chest. It is made out of strong waterproof material, but it is really water resistant.
  1. Put the strap over your head and go fishing 
  2. Add second strap when Chest Vest is loaded/Heavy - included, see bottom photo below this.

This Chest Vest is small but has lots of storage and it takes me five hours non-stop to make.

  • Dimensions of wallet are 9.5 inches wide, by 10.5 inches high.
  • Made out of Trampoline Mesh Fabric (Strong, Stiff Material)
  • Trampoline Mesh is a UV inhibited, monofilament polypropylene basket weave mesh - tough and strong.
  • Made out of Ottertex™ Royal Blue Canvas Fabric, Waterproof Outdoor 600 Denier. 
  • Two velcro Pockets
  • One deep zippered pocket 
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap
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Made in the USA Made in the USA by Jeff Layton
Made by a fisherman for fishermen

Price: $99.95 
Established in 2009
Washougal WA 98671