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Fly Fishing Vest - Product Image
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Fly Fishing Vest

Custom sewn fishing vest by Grabflies. I designed this vest for myself. I always wear my wading jacket, but in the summer it gets too hot. Also this vest allows for more movement, and it is a good three seasons/year jacket/vest.
When Spey casting you want to minimize what is in front of you as your arms cross your body. 
OUT OF STOCK: a large Large, fits XL to Large jacket people.
  •  Spey casting vest
  • Long cut like a wading jacket so jacket goes under wading belt
  • Two hand pockets under 7 by 10 inch front pockets - a place for your hands to rest while swinging your fly.
  • Made out of Waterproof Ottertex Canvas Fabric – you can wade deep and the vest doesn’t absorb water.
  • Two front high pockets, large, 7” by 10”. One high large rear pocket 10” by 17”.
  • Side zippers to allow for more arm movement
  • Very durable
  • Color: Charcoal Gray
  • Add Fly Utility Patch, see last photo (if you want it sewn on select left or right side below). (More info CLICK HERE)
  • Warranty - something fails send it back I'll repair. It you buy and receive it, and don't like it before you use it, send it back full refund.
 Photo 3 is closer to the actual color. Photo four - side zipper photo
Made in the USA Made in the USA by Jeff Layton
Made by a fisherman for fishermen

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