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Grabflies WPZ Waist Pack - Product Image
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Grabflies WPZ Waist Pack

This Waist Pack is like the the original Waist Pack (Click Here) but has two waterproof zippers and no rainfly.

A highly water resistant waistpack, 99% water proof - if you fall in stuff will remain dry, if you swim down the river a long way - maybe not? A waistpack made by a fisherman for fishermen. My waist pack is a very important piece of my fishing gear. As a double handed Spey caster, it is important to get bulk out of wading jacket or vest so my arms can cross my chest when make my sweeps to cast. Most of the time I don't need to get stuff out of waistpack while fishing. In the past when I did it was difficult and most of the time I had to wade to shore to get stuff from the pack. NOT any longer, with these new waistpack that I designed it rotates on the belt - pack isn't anchored to a strap, but instead has belt loops that allow it to side around. The Trampoline Mesh Fabric is stiff and slick enough to allow this.

Made by a fisherman for fishermen
  • Outer Shell made out of Trampoline Mesh Fabric (Strong, Stiff Material - pliers slide easily into holster)
  • Trampoline Mesh is a UV inhibited, monofilament polypropylene basket weave mesh - tough and strong.
  • Inner Shell made out of Ottertex(TM) Royal Blue Canvas Fabric, Waterproof Outdoor 600 Denier.
  • Belt loops (Two) on back accommodates belts up to three inches wide
  • Dimensions: Width: 16 inches, Height: 9.5 inches (holds a lot of stuff)
  • Waistpack is made with two layers - Inner layer shell made out of Waterproof Outdoor 600 Denier to keeps things dry.
  • Sewing layers are all taped and sewed over tape, some areas are double tape to prevent water seepage.
  • Pack has a Dr. Slick 5" Barb Pliers Holster, A mesh pocket for a tippet spool, and two deep pockets for flyboxes, flylines...
  • Dr. Slick Oliers not included but can be added.
  • Wading Belt Included.
  • (This can be added see options below) Looped Strap and gourmet on side for Fish Tailing Mitt - sold separately (Fish Tailing Mitt click here)
 Photos below are of Grabflies original Waist Pack. This pack has no rainfly as it has waterproof zippers.

Waistpack slips around waist to your front for easy access. (Slides of original Waist Pack)


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