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Grabflies Water Resistant Waist Pack - Product Image
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Grabflies Water Resistant Waist Pack

A Water Resistant Fishing Waist Pack, made out of water proof fabric, sewed with seam tape to help keep water tight. Waterproof zipper.

Water Proof in rain. If you fall in and swim you might get a little water in at top corners or if waterproof zipper isn't zipped all the way closed and tucked under flap. 

See last two photos showing inside of pack's construction before it is turned inside out. Felled seams are glued with Vinyl HH-66 cement and waterproof fabric tape glued and sewn on over Felled seam. 

What makes this Fishing Waist Pack unique is that it can slide from back to front and back again while wading in a river. 

See photo 2 – back view. This pack has two belts: 

1. a two inch main belt

2. a one inch belt that is used to tighten and hold the pack from slipping down. When you want to swivel this pack around loosen the one inch belt and pull on strap to move it forward. When you want to move it back pull on other side one inch belt and then re-tighten.

 Size: 19" X 9"

  • Pack has three pockets
  • Both belts are adjustable
  • Seams are taped with double sticky bias tape
  • All thread holes are sealed with thread tack to help keep dry
  • Zipper is waterproof
  • Made out of Ottertex(TM) Royal Blue Canvas Fabric, Waterproof Outdoor 600 Denier 
  • Made and designed by Grabflies/Jeff Layton
  • Introductory Price of 1119.95
  • Accessories: Grabflies Fish Tailing Mitt (CLICK HERE)  and Tote (CLICK HERE) + Grabflies Dr. Slick 5" Barb Pliers Holster (CLICK HERE)
Animation below showing Grabflies WPZ Waist Pack . This pack slides around too.


Made by a fisherman for fishermen

Only one pack at this price available. 

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You Save: $70.00
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