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Great Lakes Steelhead Moal Fly - You Create Collection of 12 - Product Image
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Great Lakes Steelhead Moal Fly - You Create Collection of 12

You select and build your twelve great custom tied, Steelhead Moal (Mother OF ALL Leeches) fly package - These flies all have been tested, and have caught many, many Steelhead.

Below Select (4) different selection of three flies.

Size: 2.5 Moal Leeches (See fly photos)


  1. Black and Pink Moal (3 Flies)
  2. Orange Egg Sucking Moal (3 Flies)
  3. Olive Barred (Sculpin) Moal (3 flies)
  4. Black and Blue Moal (3 Flies)
  5. Improved Methow Moal (3 Flies)
  6. Purple Flash Moal
  7. Pink Moal (3 flies)
  8. Purple/Pink Moal (3 flies)
  9. Black/Chartreuse Moal (3 flies)
  10. Black Moal (3 flies)
  11. Pink Flash Moal (3 flies)
  12. Egg Sucking Shiner Moal (3 flies)
  13. Rainblow Trout Moal (3 flies)

Status: Tied and ready to ship (build your fly package below photo)

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Steelhead caught by Dave Robinson

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $54.95 
1. Selected Trio  
2. Selected Trio  
3. Selected Trio  
4. Selected Trio  
5. Selected Trio  
6. Selected Trio  
7. Selected Trio  
8. Selected Trio  
9. Selected Trio  
10. Selected Trio  
11. Selected Trio  
12. Selected Trio  
13. Selected Trio  
You can select above or type in the four fly numbers here:

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