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Green Butt Skunk Bunny - Product Image
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Green Butt Skunk Bunny

Evo Bunny, new for 2018, Added Green Butt Skunk Bunny, 2021. Tied on a Senyos Articulated Shank, 25mm, Black

Green Butt Skunk - It was developed by Dan Callaghan on the North Umpqua River, date unknown, but sometime after 1950. He took the original Skunk steelhead fly and added the green butt. Just that minor change made a big difference in the fly. 

A non-weighted, easy to cast Steelhead fly with lots of action.

Tied with a trailing egg. This fly has lots of movement with a free moving Rabbit wing.

Size 2 Owner SSW hook tied with 20 lb mono doubled over.

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Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $5.50 
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