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Hot Beads, Metallic Red, 7/32 inch - Product Image
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Hot Beads, Metallic Red, 7/32 inch

Our Hot Beads (TM) feature our patented counter drilled hole and more importantly have a baked on enamel finish OVER A BASE COAT. These are not JUST painted like the competition's. That's why our Hot beads are truly are HOT!
Our machining is unsurpassed and the plating is fantastic. Spirit River is proud to be know as the leader in quality on all our brass products like these Hot Beads. Each cone is machined on a screw machine one at a time. All are then tumbled to remove many of the machining marks...then we plate them twice with a high quality base and finish coat. Our process takes longer & yes it will cost slightly more...but you should expect nothing but the best when you tie your own flies. Why not have the best when it's only a few cents more.


Size: 7/32 Inch

Prefect for Moal Leeches

Price: $5.50 
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