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I am But a Dream

I am but a Dream
Book Cover Art Work: Jeff Layton

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This is Jeff Layton's second book. This book continues his use of metaphors, and magical realism, as he did in "A Metaphor of Life - Rose Red Roses," to describe a landscape of dreaming in dreams. There are two protagonists, one from this world and another from a world close by in themultiverse.

These lucid dreamers discover we all live in a dream. The difference is that some of us are aware of that, while the others are asleep. The two main characters, Bodi and Debra, join together to ascend to the second-highest dimension in consciousness and then work their way down to the fourth dimension, where they continue as time travelers.

Book Quotes:

"The third point is Multiverse. We all live in a multiverse. Our existence is but a dream. I'm not sure how this all came about, the splitting of universes within themselves. It has to do with perception..."

Book Quotes:

"They descend into the seventh level of dimensional consciousness. It is a world. A perfect-looking world. A Garden of Eden. Topography of rolling hills and terraced mountains. Fields of purple, red, pink, and a sky of blue. The seventh level is a place where Buddha goes on vacation..."

"A circle chorus of primal drums begins beating and lays the foundations for the universal heartbeat of spirit and planet earth to sing. Lightning crackles with loud percussion, and brilliant flashes of electrons explode with god-like fire. The consciousness of creation has been laid upon the universe through charged particles and elemental chemistry bonds..."

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