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Infinitii Quick Fly Change - Product Image
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Infinitii Quick Fly Change

A quick fly change system designed to work with Infinitii Quick Change Swivel Tips (Click Here) . Quick Fly Change comes with Snap Hook (2 - one extra) and poly tubing slide lock (2 - one extra).

The practical idea is to go to the river with (4 - 6) flies pre-tied up and wound onto stiff foam spools (large enough to stop tippet from kinking with memory - rolls off ready to fish. Just tie your fly onto your favorite tippet mono, slide on the Poly tubing, then tie on the Snap Hook using an improved clinch knot - leave 1/3 of an inch tail piece (helps secure Poly tubing). I like to carry these spools with flies in a Mesh Tip wallet (Click Here) - they need to breathe and dry out after use and they do in these. I carry these in my wading jacket.

What do you get:

  • One hard foam spool, 2.71 inches
  • Two snap hooks
  • Two poly tube locks
  • Spool comes rigged with three feet of mono tied onto to snap hook with poly tubing - just tie on your fly.
  • Accessory: Clip-On Ripple Foam Fly Patch

Price: $9.95 
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