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Infinitii Spey Swivel - Product Image
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Infinitii Spey Swivel

Infinitii Spey Swivel custom made by Grabflies, attaches (via loop-to-loop connections) between the shooting line and shooting head and eliminates twists and kinks often caused by spey casting.

The difference between Grabflies "Infinitii Spey Swivel" and others on the market is that the loops are flyline welded to the best quality swivel (breaking strength 78 lb) on the market. The Flyline has a breaking strength of 30 lb, then doubled over, for an approximate strength of 50 lb.

I held off on making these as my first experience with Spey swivels was a hinging effect occurred during the D Loop, but with the doubled over flyline welded onto the swivels this isn't a problem. Since I use my Infinitii Swivel Tips I didn't need these for my fly presentation. What I found is that my Infinitii Spey Swivel can help your cast fly straighter as twists in the flyline are allowed to unwind, thus removing torque. Plus the bonus factor of helping your mono running line not get as many twists or kinks.

Size - Length: 6 inches

Price: $15.95 
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