Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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King Intruder Leech, Red - Product Image
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King Intruder Leech, Red

This fly has been a Chinook Salmon Killer Fly in colored water. I tried many different patterns and combinations, but as soon as I tied this fly up, and used the first morning in off color river conditions. I had landed three 20 lb Chinook Salmon. To make sure it was not just a special day, I went the next morning I hooked and lost a huge steelhead when tailing and landed a 16 lb King Salmon.
I swing this fly.
Fly is tied using black cross cut rabbit strip tied on braid line like a Moal Leech, then lots of Red Rhea spun on, followed by Red Flashabou, and Red Guinea and red bead cone. The Black Rabbit core gives this fly lots of silhouette and animates the flashabou.
5 inch (tied using lower and upper spun Rhea if I don't have long enough Rhea). Winter Steelhead, and King Salmon 
4 inch recommended for King Salmon, and Winter Steelhead
3 inch for Steelhead and clearer water conditions for Salmon
Size 2, 1, 1/0 trailing Intruder Hook

King Salmon Intruder Leech Fly

Custom tied, made in the USA

Price:   $8.00 
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