Steelhead Flies (Dedicated to the pursuit of Steelhead and Salmon)

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Lady Caroline, Olive/Gray - Product Image
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Lady Caroline, Olive/Gray

The traditional summer steelhead flies were developed on the fabled rivers of the Pacific Northwest, such as the Umpqua, Deschutes, and the Rogue. Our traditional summer steelhead flies are tied on a black nickel, up-turned eye, salmon hook. Special orders can be tied on Gamakatsu, Daiichi, or Maruto hooks.

A very nice tie.

A great Steelhead Pattern for Summer and Fall.

Size: 6

The Lady Caroline | first mentioned in George Kelson's "The Salmon Fly", 1895 |

The Classic Lady Caroline Fly is arguably one of the most recognizable Spey patterns; however unlike traditional Speys, the Lady C is tied with a tail. Tied by (most likely) Geordie Shanks, who was head ghillie at the Gordon Castle (as mentioned in A. E. Knox's Autumns on the Spey). The fly was named after Caroline Elizabeth Gordon Lennox (1844-1934) who was daughter of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon at Gordon Castle. 


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