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Mallard Spey, Green Butt Skunk - Product Image
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Mallard Spey, Green Butt Skunk

Tied with soft Mallard for movement. Tied on a 2051 Alec Jackson Black Spey Hook, Size 3
"In years past, on rivers such as Oregon’s North Umpqua, it was not uncommon for seasoned anglers to swing slim, long-shanked Muddlers and nothing else.  Even now this remains a truly killer “confidence” fly that newer generations of steelheaders would do well to get acquainted with and knot onto their leader." - Dave McNeese
You can fish this fly wet or near the surface - waking in and out of the surface film, or on top. The head is black spun deer belly hair, but not too much that it can't be fished wet. Just the right about to do both surface or sub surface.

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Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $5.50 
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