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Marabou Tail Bugger Moal, Egg Sack - Product Image
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Marabou Tail Bugger Moal, Egg Sack

Marabou Tail Bugger Moal, Egg Sack by Grabflies. (Mother Of All Leeches) Fish love Rabbit and Marabou, and Woolly Buggers, but this fly has more movement as the fly is tied and glued on braid line for flexibility and swimming movement. The tail section has a small poly hook holder where the Marabou is tied. Hook holder also allows for rotation of the hook if needed.

Fly is 2.5 long, Size #2 SSW Owner Stinger/Bait style hook that easily hooks, and when barbless easily releases fish without much harm.
Note: Fly is weighted, with heavy wire underneath Egg Sack Dubbing head. Weight is about the same as a bead.
Great for Great Lakes Steelhead, Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, Bass...
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Custom tied, made in the USA

Price: $4.95 
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